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This trope taken to a literal extreme.

"I will not get upset over men, but instead be poised and cool ice-queen."
—Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones's Diary

Much like a Tomboy, the Ice Queen is a major character archetype, and yet is a nebulous concept. The Ice Queen is a woman who is cold, in any or all of the possible interpretations of what "cold" means. She has a cold heart, and a frosty demeanor. Hence the name "Ice Queen", which is often used as an insult, particularly by scorned men. Due to the Double Standard, the Ice Queen is Always Female. Males are just Jerkasses.

The Ice Queen is unapproachable by a sane man, as she will simply tear out his heart. The term can also be used in a non-romantic sense for a woman who rejects the normally close society of women, and prefers to be a loner. Also used on women who are not emotional wrecks, since being cool-headed and rational is often seen as weird coming from a woman. Very often subjected to defrosting.

She is not the Winter Royal Lady, but the chances to overlap are optimal. Completely unrelated to Glacier Waif and An Ice Person.

An Ice Queen requires at least one personality trait that gets her labeled as an Ice Queen. There are many different flavors; the following are some of them:

This is the supertrope for all the "frosty women" subtypes. No examples please, instead place examples in the different subtropes. If we don't have a specific subtrope, then feel free to help us create one for it.

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