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Manny was attempting to commit suicide at the beginning of the first film

Really suprised I just put this together but it can be assumed that the death of Manny's family took place not too long before the beginning of the film. And what's the first thing we see Manny doing? Heading in the opposite direction of everyone else, towards the freezing wasteland of inevitable death.

  • That makes a lot of sense, and you can tell it from his despondency in the film. He probably would have died out there had he not run into Sid, Roshan, and Diego.
  • Yes and when Sid first runs into him he's where? Right at the edge of a cliff about to jump.

Sid is a closeted homosexual

Rewatch the series. He's got a gay lisp, always hangs out close to manny,...

  • A gay lisp? Since when does having a lisp make someone gay? Also by your logic Diego must be gay as well, his entire tiger pack is made of males.
  • If his mannerisms in the new trailer for the fourth movie are anything to go by, then this may be true.

The events depicted in the film are not the Ice Age of Earth.

The Ice Age doesn't seem to last very long, as the three protagonists are still around by the time of the second movie when everything starts melting. And after that dinosaurs appear. This is not how things panned out on Earth, which means that this is not Earth, it is another planet altogether where the arrival of the species takes place differently and where the climate change is much shorter.

    • The Dinosaurs are explained as existing in a Lost World exposed by the melting ice.

The three main characters lived through the ice age as immortals succumbing to the FogOfAges.

They think it's been frozen forever even though they were there when the ice age started. The Ice age was clearly more than just one winter, and all the mammoths in the area died out except for Manny and one that had been lost since childhood.

    • And that really small group of mammoths. Only these wouldn't be enough to free the things from extinction.

It's just coincidence that the mammoth, ground sloth, and sabertooth in the sequels had the same names and personalities as the ones in the first movie.

Because they aren't the same characters. Probably descended from the ones in the first film, but possibly not even that. The characters are probably the same between 2 and 3, though. Did they ever mention the human in the second movie, or any major events of the first movie in enough detail to show that it was actually the first movie they were talking about?

  • They mentioned Manny's family being killed, which was hinted at in the first one.
  • The first movie did more than hint at his first family's death by the humans - we actually see it happen in an Art Shift Flash Back with the cave paintings. There is no excuse for practically no Continuity Nod /Call Back in the sequel though, something which really disappointed me.

The mama dinosaur in Ice Age 3 is not a T-Rex.

This image shows that the dinosaur's head is slightly shorter then a mammoth's height. The Internet tells us that mammoths measured between 2.7 m and 5 m tall at the shoulder, far too large for a 4 m tall T-rex to swallow whole. Thus, it falls to reason that the dinosaur in the movie is in fact a juvenile Calvinosaurus, having not yet reached its adult size but old enough to reproduce. Proof:

    • Calvinosaurs can swallow an ultrasaur whole. Their appearance clearly suggests that they belong to the Tyrannosaur genus, with a head approximately 1/5 of total body length. The "ultrasaurs" represented here appear more like brachiosaurids, size at shoulder 7.3 m, giving us an adult Calvinosaur size of approximately 36.5 m. A young Calvinosaur would have no problem swallowing a mammoth whole.
      • Calvinosaurs are more likely upsized carcharodontosaurids. Count the fingers, it has three.
        • you do know there is no such thing as a "calvinosaurus"?
      • BLASPHEMY!
      • It's probably evolution. Serious, SERIOUS evolution.

Scrat is a Time Lord

He regenerates offscreen.

The two frozen sea reptiles from Ice Age 2 are Flotsam and Jetsam and are immortal.

Before serving Ursula, the two reptiles lived undersea in the late Cretacious period. When the Ice Age came, they were frozen in ice until Ice Age 2. After being defeated by Manfred and co, they waited a few thousand centuries for the right opportunity to cause Chaos. They also learned how to speak! Then they found the Sea Witch.

The Baby Human is actually Harry Potter

Or, at least, an relative under similar circumstances. He had jet-black hair, green eyes, and his mother died trying to save him. Coincidence?

The 4th movie will have something to do with outer space

Remember the part in the first movie where Sid got lost in the ice caves? It's possible that what he saw frozen there was foreshadowing. One of the objects that was frozen was a dinosaur, hence Dawn of the Dinosaurs, do could the frozen UFO he saw be an indication of the gang meeting up with an alien race? In addition, there's Scrat: at the end of the first film, it showed him being unfrozen several thousand years later, slamming his acorn into the ground. That started a volcanic eruption, which might of been slight foreshadowing for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Ice Age 2 might not have had Scrat-forshadowing involved, but Ice Age 3 did involve him and Scratea fighting over the acorn as the ground they were on shot up in the sky like a rocket...

  • My head just exploded. Oh please no, something like that would definitely cause the films to Jump the Shark. It's also been confirmed that the title of the 4th is Ice Age 4:Continental Drift, I hope not. ^^
  • This troper is the original poster of this WMG and she is so glad that Ice Age 4 isn't turning out that way after all - would have been WAY too much of a Jump the Shark.
  • During that part, one object was a frozen fish (representing The Meltdown). The next was a frozen dinosaur (representing Dawn of the Dinosaurs). The next one was an "evolution chart" of sloths, going from protozoa to aquatic animal to early land sloth to a cave sloth. The fourth film might have something to do with evolution. The NEXT one was the UFO. The UFO might represent the fifth movie. A bit random, seeing the fourth film is called Ice Age: Continental Drift", but hey, a WMG's a WMG.
  • Hmm... the fourth film might have something to do with "evolution." Well, considering that there are floating, drifting developing continents, this seems like a possibility, but I've always seen that part in the Original Film as being a Take That to the evolutionary theory and not much else, let alone foreshadowing for a fourth film! As far as I know, Blue Sky didn't anticipate Ice Age becoming such a Sleeper Hit when it was first made, so such foreshadowing for a series of movies seems unlikely. Just my take. But what the hey, a WMG's a WMG's, might as well have little fun and also some fodder for thought...

The 4th movie will be the one to Jump the Shark, much to the dismay of loyal fans

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. For example, rumors have been flying around the internet that the baby dinos return with speaking ability (speaking ability!), the herd is set (ostensibly) adrift on an ice floe that takes them to a land that has no relevance to the Ice Age, but worst of the all, the dinos might be back.... with no sign of Buck the weasel returning either..

  • It may be even worse then that; a rumor going around the internet claims that Ice Age 4 will take place in the 21st Century after the main characters are flash-frozen and then brought back inside a museum. If true it could possibly be a poor rip-off of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, with a possible human scrappy thrown in to follow and annoy our heroes. How on Earth you could go from the colorful and scenic Ice Age and dinosaur world, and then to the dull and drab suburbs of 21st Century Earth is beyond all logic.
    • Actually, that first idea (of the Sub-Zero Heroes being shot into our world), has been Jossed, thankfully enough. Those rumors were for Ice Age: Th4w, which has turned out to be totally untrue. The new title for the 4th film is Ice Age: Continental Drift. Hopefully, it will avert this chance of Jumping the Shark, but I have only one teeny problem - on the 'leaked' poster (turned out to be, once again, false), Peaches is shown to have blond hair - something that would be impossible when you look at her parent's hair, which is brown and red!
    • Peaches having blonde hair is actually Truth in Television, dark-haired parents have fair-haired children all the time. It just has to be a reccesive gene. You'd just have to question how common a blonde wooly mammoth would be, that's all.
    • To be honest, I questioned that ^ immediately after seeing the first leaked poster, which had Peaches portrayed on it with blond hair... which my friend (thelonemongrel88) has since proved to be a "smoke and mirrors" fake, and now there is the potential that the Peaches seen on that one isn't the way she might truly look when the movie does finally release next year.
    • The fourth film is about pirates. Its like jumping the shark... all the way into SPAAAACCCEE!!!!!!!

In the Fourth Movie, Scrat and Scratte will finally get back together

At some point in the film Scrat will give up his eternal chase of the Acorn, and instead choose to stay with Scratte. With all the Shippers and fans out there clearly wanting this to happen, the Producers may decide to Throw The Dog The Bone and not Yank the Dog's Chain in the end.

The fourth film will go back to the darkness of the first

Oh, and Soto will come back.

  • It'd be neat if they did that - returned the atmosphere of the movies back to the somewhat Darker and Edgier aspect of the amazing Original film. And having Soto come back would be splendid in a way - the tiger aspect has been severely reduced as the series has continued, and Soto being Not Quite Dead is practically Fanon nowadays in fanfics. You are have a gorgeous idea here! I'd love for this to happen in Ice Age: Continental Drift - if could probably save the fourth film (like Buck did with Dawn of the Dinosaurs) from Jumping the Shark by including those very elements! :-)

When scrat was unfrozen at the end, he ended up in the universe of the later two films.

At the end of Ice Age 4, everyone in the herd dies.

In the finale, there's going to be one final, tearjerking, heartwarming climax where Manny and the others die somehow. The movie will end with the epilogue scene from the first movie, with Scrat as the only survivor.

  • Ouch. Let's not imagine that please. Manny, Diego and Sid are too lovable (specially Manny and Diego) are too lovable and awesome and too wonderful to kill off.
    • Second that. The herd are some of my childhood icons, and killing the off will ruin the entire franchise.

In the fourth movie, Diego will have a love interest.

And I'll bet she'll either be a sweet Cloudcuckoolander or a Kuudere Deadpan Snarker just like him.

Scrat will join the herd in the fourth film.

Ice Age 2 was a reboot, not a sequel

That explains how much more different it was from Ice Age 1, like the light tone and absence of humankind.

  • No, the sequel subtly alludes to Manny's first family's death, a major element of the original film, because he thinks he's being disloyal to their memory by loving Ellie, and a good reason for the humans not to be there is that they are so far south whilst the humans are still in the north, living in caves.

Shira will see Diego as a Cloudcuckoolander

She will be a Genre Savvy pirate so seeing this tiger traveling with a bunch of herbivores will lead her to two conclusions: 1) Diego is Too Dumb to Live or 2) He is that weird

Diego and Shira’s relationship will be of the Slap Slap Kiss variety

The Pirate crew in the Fourth film will be a genuine threat

Providing the Darker and Edgier tone the fandom has been craving

The dinosaurs are doomed.

The dinosaurs live underneath multiple layers of ice. Once the ice age ends, all that ice is going to melt, pretty much drowning all of them. Those who don't drown will be crushed by the large chunks of ice and rock that will fall on top of them. Any survivors won't have large enough populations to repopulate and soon the dinosaurs will go extinct... again.

The first movie takes place in Alaska

This explains why Humans only appear in the first movie. The Ice Age movies presumably take place in North America, and Humans only entered North America by crossing the Bering Strait landbridge from Russia to Alaska. By the events of the first movie, Humans have crossed into North America, but very recently, so have not had a chance to expand out into the rest of North America yet. This theory is also backed up by the animals heading south during the first movie. The sequels take place in the main part of the U.S.A, where Humans have not yet settled.

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