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"What? I'm evil. I lied."
"Pop quiz time. Having obtained the artifact, does Damodar A) keep his word and let the others go, or B) say "I Lied" and try to kill everyone? You can use your notes."

Starkiller: You agreed to stay away!

Darth Vader: I lied, as I have from the very beginning.

Marz Gurl: "That wasn't a part of our deal!"

Dr. Insano: I am altering the deal! Pray I don't alter it any further! Oh wait, another alteration, you didn't pray hard enough! Hahahaa!

Bakura: Hey Pegasus, remember when I said I'd kill you last?

Pegasus: That's right, Bakura, you did.

Bakura: I lied.

 "You said you need me, that was just a lie, just a lie

You said the truth once, that was just a lie, just a lie"

 -- Moby, Disco Lies

Helga: I- I trusted you!

Augustus: Well, that was a stupid move. But then, you never were very bright, were you?
"One of the nice things about being evil is, you get to lie a lot."
Bowser Koopa, The Super Mario Bros Super Show
"Too bad I'm a liar, Excellency."
Garrod Ran, After War Gundam X

John Matrix: Hey, Sully, remember when I promised to kill you last?

Sully: That's right, Matrix, you did!

Matrix: I lied. (drops Sully)
"I'm happy to make promises, especially promises I can't keep."
"What? I'm evil. I lied."

Hadriana: So I have your word? I tell you [where your sister is], and you let me go?

Fenris: (looking murderous) Yes. You have my word.

Sam: I need to ask you something, but I need you to promise me you'll tell me the truth.

Devil: Sam, I like you. So I'm going to be honest: I'm probably going to lie to you.
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