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  • When Anaheim was granted a Disney-owned expansion team in the NHL, rumors swirled -- and were sadly later proven to be true -- that they would name the team the "Mighty Ducks" after the hockey team in the Disney movie franchise of the same name. Problem is, "The Mighty Ducks" was the name of the movie itself. The team in the movie was, of course, just called the "Ducks", making the title a juxtaposition. When the pro team got mentioned in one of the movie sequels as being named after the kids' team from the first movie, this didn't make any sense -- wouldn't they wonder where the "Mighty" came from? Ironically, the pro team has now dropped the "Mighty" anyway (after Disney dumped the team it's Anaheim Ducks), though many people who don't follow the sport still call them that.
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