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 Superman: (dejectedly) "I Got a Rock."

  • The Sopranos: One "After Hours" episode ends in a similar manner to the series finale, complete with a Cliff Hanger fade-out.
  • Ren and Stimpy: The Green Goblin sings the "It's Log!" jingle while doped up on sedatives.
  • Airplane!: Two, near the end of "After Hours: Happy Hour #3":

 "There's a sale at Penny's!"

"And Lexi's getting laaaaarger!"

    • Quite a Meta-Shout-Out, considering Edward Norton was the star of both movies.
  • The Naked Gun: The Imagine Spot of Green Goblin defeating all the brainwashed superheroes was a straight homage to the opening sequence of the first The Naked Gun movie where Frank Drebin beat up all of America's enemies in Beirut.
  • The Last Crusade: The Take My Hand example below.
  • The Blues Brothers: "Earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! It wasn't my fault I sweeeeaaaar!"
  • Blazing Saddles: "Are we awake?" We're not sure. Are we...bald?"
    • Also: "You said murder twice." "I like murder."
  • Scrubs during Deadpool's pleading song to Ryan Reynolds:

  Deadpool: "You're the only one who's ever been inside of me!!! a character..."

 Wolverine: Yep.

Punisher: Yep.

Ghost Rider: Yep.

Rorschach: Hrmm.

  • Deadpool's kung-fu routine just before the Green Goblin blows him up is taken off Daffy Duck's Robin Hood short.
  • And now we have THIS!
  • With all the time travel going on in season three, this exchange was inevitable:

 Deadpool: Great Scott!

Green Goblin: I know, this is heavy.

  • Deadpool's guitar is named Lucille which was also the name of legendary blues musician B. B. King's guitar.
  • Having just beaten off the brainwashed superheroes, Goblin utters this line.
  • The first time the Green Goblin was drugged up, it was similar to the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski.
    • Also, when the drug first entered Goblin, the resulting scene was like the drug scene in Requiem for a Dream.
  • The Godfather: When Green Goblin was about to attack Batman from behind. "It's not personal, Bats. It's strictly business."
  • Harley's eulogy to the apparently dead Joker in Zero Hour.

  Thor: (To Green Lantern) "Sit thine five dollar ass down before I maketh change!

 Professor X: We don't need to talk about our movies.

Green Lantern: We don't need to talk about our movies.

Professor X: I can go about my business.

Green Lantern: You can go about your business.

Professor X: Move along.

Green Lantern: Move along, move along.

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