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A common way for a character to announce him/herself in an intimidating manner. It doesn't matter whether he's a good guy or a bad guy, as long as the character is Badass enough to live up to this claim. That is, unless people are spoofing this line (often by the second character describing his actual worst nightmare).

Compare Prepare to Die.

Not to be confused with Your Worst Nightmare (which is about actual nightmares).

Examples of I'm Your Worst Nightmare include:

Anime and Manga

 Piccolo: I think you'd better let the boy go.

Turles: Oh? Is that right? And just who are you?

Piccolo: I'm Your Worst Nightmare.

Turles: I'm trembling in my boots.

    • Goku vs Burter and Jeice

 Burter: Hi! I'm Your Worst Nightmare! Burter!

Goku: I'm not afraid of dreams.

      • The final sentence of Goku's I AM speech after he became a Super Sayian to Frieza in the Funimation Dub has this gem.

 Goku: Ally to good, nightmare to you!


  • Sandman's Merv Pumpkinhead: "Lady, I'm your worst nightmare. A pumpkin with a gun."
    • Which is based on the infamous subplot from Steve Gerber's run on The Defenders: "I'm your worst nightmare. An elf with a gun!"
  • Used as a joke in a Frank and Ernest strip where Ernest is being chased by a giant sausage that says: "I'm your WURST nightmare!"


  • Occurs in Rambo III.
    • Spoofed in UHF.
  • Also spoofed in Loaded Weapon 1:

 Mr. Jigsaw: I'm your worst nightmare.

Jack Colt: No, waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare.

Mr. Jigsaw: Okay, alright, so I'm not actually your worst nightmare. But I am right up there.

  • This is said in Mulan by Mushu as a Batman reference.

 This probably actually refers to 48 Hours, where Eddie Murphy actually says the quote, making it a self-reference.

  • Cop and a Half: "I'm your worst nightmare. An eight year old with a badge."
  • 48 Hours:

 Eddie Murphy, in a redneck bar: "I'm your worst nightmare... a nigger with a badge."

  • Spoofed in Canadian Bacon: The main characters use the line on a Canadian, only for the character to whom they say the line to describe their actual worst nightmare.
  • Look Who's Talking Too:

 Mikey: Who are you?

Julie: I'm your worst nightmare!

 E.L.F.S. Leader: We're your worst nightmare. Elves with attitude.

 Kimberly: Power Rangers, this is Divatox. Divatox, this is your worst nightmare.

  • In The Lorax, O'Hare warns Ted that if the boy doesn't stop trying to find out about trees, he'll become his worst nightmare. Which, in his view, is Frankenstein's head on a spider's body.


  • Discworld:
    • Spoofed in Hogfather. Teatime uses this line on a guard, but his would-be victim wants to know which nightmare that would be. When it's clarified that he means, "The one where the man appears out of nowhere and kills you stone dead", the guard relaxes and points out that that nightmare isn't particularly scary. Then Teatime kills him stone dead.
    • Guards Guards has: "Someone out there was going to find out that their worst nightmare was a maddened Librarian. With a badge."
  • Sidorio from Vampirates describes himself as the sort of thing your worst nightmares "wake up screaming about."

Live Action TV

 Rita: Oh no, not you again!

Tommy: Afraid so, Rita.

Kimberly: We're like, you're worst nightmare.

  • Used for comical effect in an episode of Herman's Head where Louise (Yeardley Smith, better known as the voice of Lisa Simpson) says it to a tyrannical boss two heads taller than her.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Teenage Caveman" the bots have a squirrel say this to the title character when he has rather more trouble catching than he should.
  • Tales from the Crypt: One story has a woman tangling with three CIA agents. She has killed two of them (not bad for a housewife) and faces the last agent, woman to woman. The housewife tells the agent, "I'm your worst nightmare. I'm a woman with balls!" The agents acts dismissive about it. The housewife ends up revealing that s/he's the male rogue CIA agent they're looking for. S/he easily kills off the agent! She clearly wasn't kidding when she said that!


 "I am your sugar, I am your cream, I am your anti-American dream

"I am your sugar, I am your cream, I am your worst nightmare, now scream!"

Tabletop Games

  • The tagline for the Dark Eldar in Warhammer 40000 is "They are not your worst nightmare -- they are your EVERY nightmare!"

Video Games

  "I am Cyan, retainer to the king of Doma. I am your worst nightmare..."


Web Original

  • Parodied on SF Debris where the evil Mirror Universe Star Fleet captains are arguing. Kirk says this line, leading Picard to shock him by asking if he's going to be raped by a giant spider. Picard is then severely underwhelmed by Kirk's actual intention of shooting him, pointing out that he has to worry about that all the time, and that you might as well say slipping in the shower is his worst nightmare.

  Picard: Oh no, it's Jim! And he's slightly miffed.

Western Animation

 Doctor Destiny: I'm your worst nightmare.

Batman: You have no idea what my nightmares are like.

 Randy: Is somebody there?

Skipper: Yes, somebody's here. Your worst nightmare!

Randy: A flying coyote with eye laser beams?

Skipper: Huh? No! Four angry penguins.

Randy: Phew! Cause if coyotes ever develop flight and eye laser technology, it's game over, you know?

  • Used to comedic effect on King of the Hill. Conspiracy nut Dale Gribble, who has a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of the ins and outs of government bureacracy, intimidates a worker at the Department of Motor Vehicles into providing better service by naming all of the worker's superiors in ascending order, then threatening to call them, using this exact line:

 I am your worst nightmare! I have a three-line phone and absolutely nothing at all to do with my time!"

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