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Sammy, if you can hear me, our mom was a babe. And I'm going to hell. Again
—Dean Winchester, Supernatural, "In The Beginning"
All right, then, I'll GO to hell

A Stock Phrase used to lampshade the inherent immorality or tastelessness of an action, a statement, or a joke. The action itself does not even need to be something that will certainly send you straight to Hell. Draw on the Pope's face in sharpie? "I'm going to hell for this". Pull extensive and hysterical pranks on a cripple (such as pushing them down the stairs, wheelchair and all)? "I'm going to hell for this." Ignore the "Keep off the grass" sign? You guessed it.

(Note that, canonically, almost no sin "locks in" your destination; depending on the denomination, true repentance (i.e. you not only apologize, but actually make an effort to stop doing the behavior(s) so defined[1]), or simply believing that Christ saved your sins is said to be sufficient to change it.)

Examples of I'm Going to Hell For This include:

Anime and Manga

  • In the English dub of One Piece, Nami manipulates Zoro into catching bounties to pay her back the money she gave him (even though he didn't spend it and gave it right back).

 Nami: Come on, can't you keep one little promise? *Zoro freezes* Now do as I say and I'll consider calling us even.

Zoro: *angrily, through his teeth* Someday, you're gonna die a horrible death.

Nami: *smirk* Oh, yes. And I'm sure I'll go straight to hell.

Comic Books

  • In an issue of the erotic comic Skin Tight, the protagonist says this just before having sex with his 18 year sisters (who are identical twins).

Fan Fiction

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon keeps telling himself he's going to go to a very special hell when he does things he realize go beyond friendship with Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru and Tsuruya. Later events (like him being engaged to Tsuruya and the reaction he expects from Haruhi) makes him wonder if he's already in it.


  • The opening scene of Pathology (consisting of some doctors making corpses 'talk' to each other) ends on this line.
  • In the movie Hamlet 2, the plot surrounds a semi-desperate high school drama director creating a Grease-esque musical surrounding a "Sexy Jesus" (who is to be played by him). At one point, one Hispanic cast member says to his friend in Spanish, "We're going to hell for this play."
  • In the film December Boys, a small group of orphan friends (sans one) are sneaking peaks at a Playboy type magazine in the middle of the night. The odd devout boy of the group says to them seriously, "You realize you're going to hell", to which one cheekily replies, "Really?", then holds up the centerfold to him. "At least I'll have company."
  • True Lies has Gib saying "I'm gonna go to hell" as he's sending Helen on her "mission"
  • The movie Good Morning Vietnam has Robin Williams impersonating a number of celebrity voices that only my dad would understand (natch). Immediately after impersonating Lyndon Johnson (and making less than polite comments about the first daughters), he switches to another character (Gomer Pyle, I think) and shouts, "Oh, you're going straight to hell for that one!"
  • Bill Sykes has this to say in Oliver!:

 Once bad, what's the good of turning?

In Hell, I'll be there a-burning

Meanwhile, think of what I'm earning

all on account of my name.


  • A non comedic example takes place in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, when Huck decides to go rescue Jim, resulting in what some call the greatest phrase in American literature:
    • "All right, then, I'll GO to hell."

Live Action TV

  • Conan O' Brien — A Running Gag is after he tells a joke of supposed bad taste, he breaks into a gospel like song that goes, "I'm gonna go to hell when I die..."
    • When the audience starts clapping along, he usually calls them out on it; "What a horrible thing to do!"
  • Desperate Housewives — Gabrielle was caught illegally using the newly blind Carlos' handicap sign by two men in wheelchairs. While one of them goes to get security, the other one attempts to keep her out of her car. Her response is to get behind him and shove him into the middle of the parking lot.
It's official. I'm going to hell
    • She then drives off as quickly as she can.
  • Doctor Who — In the Season 4 finale, Martha Jones is told "You are going straight to hell" (in German), as she gets ready to prime the Osterhagen Key.
  • Family Feud host Steve Harvey says this a lot whenever a contestant gives a particularly off-the-wall answer.
  • Firefly — Mal is warned to not take advantage of his Accidental Marriage to Saffron, who at the time is believed to be just an innocent farm girl.
If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater
—Shepherd Book
    • And when Saffron seduces Mal:
Oh, I'm going to the special hell
    • Later, when Shepherd Book finds out....
How very... special
—Shepherd Book
  • Friends: In response to a prank on Monica, Rachel told Ross, "I hope it's still funny when you're in Hell!"
    • Specifically, Monica accidentally banged Ross's son Ben's head and he pretended that the injury gave Ben brain damage (forgetting letters and numbers, messed up limb movements, etc.).
  • Last Comic Standing — A large part of comedian Josh Blue's routine consisted of jokes about his difficulties with cerebral palsy. After a few of those went over well, he yelled at the audience, "You're all going to hell for laughing at me!"
  • Leverage — In the episode The Miracle Job, after Nate suggests that they steal the church, Hardison replies "oh, we all going to hell!"
  • NCIS — When the victim and suspect had apparently met on the same "dating" website:

 Abby: Care to guess what their fetish was, Kate?

Kate: Oh. No, I'm going to hell just listening to all of this!

  • Pushing Daisies — Ned brought a dead nun back to life to ask her who killed her. She tried to flee, and so ended up forcibly grabbing her to kill her again before the time limit was up. Afterwards, he commented "we are so going to Hell".
  • Supernatural — Shortly after Dean has returned from Hell, he spends some time in the past and comments on how attractive his mother was as a teenager. Then he adds, "I'm going to Hell. Again."
  • Veronica Mars — In an episode where she installs a hidden camera inside a confessional, she mutters, "Yep, definitely going to hell."
  • The West Wing — A variation: at the Republican National Convention, the vice-presidential candidate Ray Sullivan is making a speech filled with "comedic" dog-whistles about President Bartlet's multiple sclerosis ("the body politic is ailing", "business is paralysed", the US is "just a shadow of its former strength"...) -- Josh and Donna watch on TV, outraged but calm. Then Ray Sullivan refers to something as "so clogged with complications, it's positively sclerotic", at which point Josh loses it and shouts "You're going to hell!" at the TV -- very loudly, in front of a lot of people.


  • Stephen Lynch's completely tasteless (yet oh-so-hilarious) song "Special Olympics" actually includes a statement to this effect in the lyrics, and he usually mentions a few extra times whenever performing it live.
  • This Hed PE song features the line.
  • The Insane Clown Posse song "To Catch a Predator" has this as part of the chorus (though "burn" might also refer to the electric chair):

 I'm probably going to burn for this

Ain't no lesson to learn from this

Ain't nothing I'm-a earn

But it sure is fun (to catch a predator)

  • NoFX has a song actually titled "I Am Going To Hell For This One." It's about Jesus coming back, claiming royalties for his use in popular media, then living a drug-fueled orgy of Earthly pleasure while condemning Christians for their self-denial and use of fear and moral arrogance rather than love. Hence the title.
  • "I may be going to hell in a bucket, baby, but at least I'm enjoying the ride".

New Media

  • At the end of Doug Walker's "Aristocrats" video, there is an outtake of him saying these exact words.
    • In episode 43, Ask That Guy explains possible Christmas themed forms of suicide, culminating in him suggesting that one could be sodomized by a reindeer. At the very end of his response, he utters the magic phrase.
  • These exact words are used in a dramatic sense in this page of a collaborative improvisational comic. (Context: The character uttering these words has just doomed an orbital prison to burn up in the atmosphere.)
  • A running joke in the Fark community is to utter this after making or laughing at a particularly tasteless joke. It has become ubiquitous enough that most people don't even bother to say it, just "One ticket, please" or request a window seat. At least one commenter has requested the "bitch seat" (sitting between two other passengers), reasoning that on any plane or bus to hell, every seat is a bitch seat.

Stand Up Comedy

  • After an extended impression of Jesus-As-Twilight-Years-Elvis (with him asking for cheeseburgers and oral sex from Mary Magdalene, while noting that he has a colostomy bag that needs emptying and he just voided his bowels), Denis Leary muses:

 I'm goin' to hell for that bit...and yer all comin' with me! And don't try and get out of it, either -- 'But we didn't laugh at that bit, Jesus! Pleeeease?' 'Shut up, get on the bus with Leary and Scorsese; you're going right ta fuckin' hell!'

  • Comedian/Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham once did a routine about the oddity of having a Sign Language Interpreter present at a Ventriloquist show (and deaf people attending such a show). He likened it to blind people attending a David Copperfield show. At the end of his routine, he says (through his dummy), "We're going to hell for that."
    • That's not the worst of it. He explained how he cheerfully proceeded to mess with them by saying a string of random words, followed by saying nothing at all while miming energetic speech and laughter. The poor interpreter had to follow along while the deaf people were left wondering what the heck was going on. Then again, they were already in Hell, a.k.a. Santa Ana...
  • Comedian Dane Cook has used a variation on this. "I'm going to hell for that one. And you laughed, so you're coming with me... I'm doing two shows there Friday and Saturday."
  • Variation by Jimmy Carr--After one cheap shot at Christianity, he remarked "That seems to have split the room into two groups - one group thought that was hilarious, and the other is going to heaven."
  • Eddie Izzard's historical material often includes Biblical events. After the audience laughs at the end of one bit, he bursts into a song of "Blas~feh~meeee, blas~feh~youuuuuu, blas~feh~every~body~in~the~roooooom..!"

Video Games

  • In a meta example, many players of Assassin's Creed II said this when they realized that the Final Boss was Pope Alexander VI, and that the Final Battle takes place inside the Vatican, in the middle of High Mass. However, it's historical fact that Alexander was a horrible person, so hopefully God will give all us gamers a mulligan on this one.
  • There is one Flash game where Simon Belmont faces off against Jesus Christ, with the latter eventually being killed by God. The makers noted in the credits that a lot of people said they're going to hell for this.

  We've already packed our bags.


 Leo: Do you think Sims feel pain?

Aeris: You're a monster and you're going straight to hell.

  • Ansem Retort has the new show Throwing darts at fat people.

 Zexion: We're so going to hell for this.

Axel: I don't even care any more.

 Schweitzer: Scratch that, first I'm getting a drink. And then? Hell.

  • The author's note for Issue 5, Page 5 of Asperchu is simply "I'm going to hell for this." Said page uses pictures of Ground Zero to represent a collapsed building, while the next page ("Straight to the depths of Tartarus") explains that the comic's villain deliberately crashed his plane to destroy the structure.
  • Jon says this in Errant Story, when taking on a mission from the Wraiths to assassinate a priest.
  • In Horndog, Tommy tells Bob this.
  • In a rare, non-comedic example, Shelly of Wapsi Square says that there is a special place in hell reserved for her as she prepares to stab her best friend. Shown here, but beware, for here there be spoilers.
  • In Concession, Kelly is asked by a theatre-goer if she's seen World Trade Centre. She says no, and she doesn't plan to, and the customer gets angry, saying "I bet you'd watch it if there were snakes on that plane!" Cue two panels of internal shots of the planes crashing into the Towers, while filled with snakes, and then a cut to the artist with his sidekick/muse yelling "You're going to Hell!"
  • In Exterminatus Now, Virus states this, as he's part of the party responsible for slashing an angel with a Laser Blade. Seen here.

Web Original

 Ferr: We are going to hell.

    • Also, for the same game, they play "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" over the last minute before the moon crashes[2], as well as the cinematic where it happens. As the moon is crushing the clock tower:

 Seiferguy(?): Aaaand we're all going to hell.

  • The Angry Video Game Nerd regularly reviews video games based on The Bible for his Christmas specials. One of said games is the complete text of the King James Bible on a Game Boy, including a search function. The Nerd proceeds to look up the word "ass", only to find a bunch of passages referring to donkeys and laughs at how they sound today, such as "seated upon an ass" or "dumb ass". His response is "Heh heh...I'm going to hell."
  • When Linkara reviewed a Mr. T comic book and came across the line "It's a crack baby, foo'!" he expressed a fear of going to hell for laughing at it.

Western Animation

  • In Daria, from "A Tree Grows in Lawndale", Kevin accidentally sprains his knee and kills the Tommy Sherman Memorial Tree in a motorcycle accident. Brittany and the cheerleaders become inexplicably convinced that Tommy Sherman's ghost is haunting the girl's bathroom because of this. Hence, this moment:

 Brittany: Daria, Jane, would you like to contribute to the Tommy Sherman Memorial Tree Fund? We're hoping to get his spirit out of the girl's room.

Daria: You know, if you could just get one of those crutches away from Kevin, you could plant one of them instead. That's sure to appease Tommy's restless bathroom spirit.

Brittany: You're right! *walks away*

Jane: You know you're going to hell.

Daria: Anything that gets me out of Lawndale.

    • Another episode has Quinn trying to convince people to donate money for her plastic surgery. When she tries to convince a goth girl that her beauty will be something everyone can share, the girl replies "and you're not even the least bit afraid that there may be a Hell?"
  • In a sketch on Robot Chicken, Daredevil teams up with Stevie Wonder against Marly Matlin and Helen Keller in a game show. The first round involves "what sound is this?" and the second involves "name this item". Unfortunately, Helen fails and has to do the physical challenge. The directing staff of that episode all say they're going to hell in the commentary.
  • Played straight in one episode of Family Guy where Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons make jabs at the people taking part in the Special Peoples' Games (i.e., the Special Olympics with the serial numbers filed off) and note that they are going to go to hell by the end of the day.

Real Life


  1. assuming it's not shortly before your death, in which case, you almost certainly won't do it again
  2. where Maxwell had gotten the Sun's Mask but deliberately hadn't given the pendant to Anju
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