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Follow the leader, the leader, the leader...

A scene where a character finds something so hot, the show makes it as clear as possible that character has to go somewhere where they can perform some immediate self-service...

Compare Get a Room

Examples of I'll Be in My Bunk include:

Live Action TV

 Zoe: Jayne! Grab your weapon!

  • In Friends, Rachael and Monica lose their apartment in a bet with Chandler and Joey, but finally get it back when they agree to kiss for a minute. The two guys then go into their rooms as soon as that is over.

 Chandler: Totally worth it!

Joey: One good minute!

Chandler: Good night!

Joey: Good night!

    • Occurs in another episode where Chandler asks Monica and Rachel for sexual advice. Monica's advice becomes... rather enthusiastic.
  • In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall imagines going back in time to stop his 13-year-old self from smoking his first cigarette by giving him a picture of Lily, to which Young Marshall comments, "Wow, she's hot." Marshall tells his younger self that he will marry her in the future. Surprised and excited, Young Marshall runs off, saying "I'll be in my tent."
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Perfect Mate," Riker says something close to the trope name after being kissed by the empathic metamorph:

 "Riker to bridge. If you need me, I'll be in holodeck four."

  • In an episode of Spin City, after Michael and Caitlin get hot and heavy (apparently, office small talk turns her on) only for her to leave in the middle of it, Michael sits down, sighs, looks at his hand and asks "So, how was your day?"


  • In "A Deeper Blue" by John Ringo, Katya was infiltrating a drug runner's boat by playing an airhead beach bunny dressed in a tiny bikini. Greznya (also dressed in a tiny bikini, this is a John Ringo book) was visiting the boat and passed along a message capsule through a bottle of vodka. To cover it, two of the girls got into a cat fight. The bad guy who had video surveillance of the entire boat told his boss "I'm sure they didn't pass anything to each other. I ran that clip a dozen times. Maybe more. Zoomed all over it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to my quarters..."


  • Dukes To Watch Out For: After being turned down for sex by her husband Stuart (due to baby-related exhaustion), Sparrow gets up. When asked where she's going, she says, with full quote marks, "To 'take a shower'"

Video Games

  • In Dragon Age Origins, the Warden may ask Oghren how he feels about his wife cheating on him with another woman. The description of what he "can't help but" imagine them doing together ends with him telling the Warden that he needs a few minutes in his tent before they continue.
  • Ashley nearly uses this line verbatim if you turn her down at Ilos in the first Mass Effect game.

Web Comics

  • Blatantly done in Captain SNES: The Game Masta: Alex, in a side story, is told Marle and other characters are kidnapped, and she tells him she will do anything if he rescues them. He runs into the bathroom, thinking about the things she would do with him.
  • In Ménage à 3, when Gary and Zii see DiDi in a shirt that's too small for her:

 Zii: I'll be in my room... uh... playing guitar.

Gary: Me too... uh... rubbing my earlobe!

Web Original

 Allen: Question, did they ever dress up in little maid outfits?

Folken: Once, For my birthday.

Allen: I'll be in my chambers, no visitors.

  • The Quest for Geekdom: After Arthur has seen so many good looking men in his Top 12 Animated Hunks video, he needs to...take care of something.
  • In Red vs. Blue Season 9, Grif says this line verbatim and walks back to Red base. Of course, being Grif, he's actually just going to try to sleep through the cataclysmic situation he's currently in.
  • Spoken exactly by Nella in The Nostalgia Chick review of Kate and Leopold.
  • In the "Ninja Turtles" episode of After Hours, Michael feels the need to drop everything and run to Blockbuster once somebody clues him in about "pseudo-porn for women" (also known as Sex and the City).
  • The Spoony One directly quotes this during his Final Fantasy VIII review, right after seeing Quistis.

Western Animation

  • After Molotov Cocktease lives up to her name in The Venture Brothers, Brock-- with a very visible erection-- leaves the room to "take care of something".
  • In Family Guy, Brian invokes this trope not because he finds something arousing, but from sexual frustration after he's in a Sexless Marriage with Lois for a year, and Peter shows up the very day that Lois was going to consumate.

 Brian: I'll be in the basement.

Peter: Doing what?

Brian: What do you think?!

    • Another example is fake trailer for a movie called "Masturbator And Commander" (a play on Master and Commander) where the commander will be "out in a minute" during a battle.
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