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File:Chronos Title.jpg

Chronos wanders in the space...In the Forest Belt, regarded as a taboo area, an operative ship named Chronos that went missing 80 years ago was discovered. 

Emina and her co-workers stepped into this ship to get some materials to fix their battleship without knowing what was awaiting them...

Hyouryuu Kangoku Chronos or Floating Prison Ship Chronos is a collaboration project between the hentai artist Butcha-U and Lilith-Soft, the creators Taimanin Asagi. The H-game is a very loose parody of Ridley Scott's Aliens. The story focus on the crew of the Siva lead by Colonel Emina. After a battle with armada of space pirates lead by John Hawkins, the Siva sustained damage and forcing the ship to retreat into the Forest Belt, an asteroid field where travel is forbidden. The crew comes across the Chronos, a ship that disappeared many years ago. Realizing the Chronos may have the parts they need to repair the Siva, Emina and her crew venture into the seemly abandoned ship, unaware of the aliens that await them inside.

Hyouryuu Kangoku Chronos has examples of:

  • An Axe to Grind: Battle axe are the standard melee weapons for the crew of the Siva. They are actually more effective against the alien then their guns.
  • Baby Factory: The fate of any of the female crew member if they are captured by the aliens.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Soiree is the best pilot on Emina's crew, but her combat abilities outside of a space ship is roughly the same as an average soldier, if not weaker. As a result, Soiree is the second female crew member to fall victim to the aliens.
  • Dwindling Party: As the story progresses, the crew of the Siva are slowly picked off one-by-one by the aliens.
  • Explosive Breeder: Any woman knocked up by an alien would give birth to a spawn in just a few hours, and since this aliens lack the Chest Burster trait, a single woman can make many aliens in a short amount of time.
  • Expy: Plenty. Listing them off:
    • Emina Tristan roles and personality seem to be based off of Ellen Ripley. Although her physical appearance and space suit matches up with Prometheus's Meredith Vickers. Outside the Alien franchise, she is one to Zero Suit Samus.
    • Soiree Serpent being both a female Ace Pilot and an Ice Queen make her one to Colette Ferro from Aliens. Although her design borrows from Yokoyama Miho from Butcha-U's own series "SDPO: Sexual Desire Processing Officer".
    • Silvia Carbay to Jenette Vasquez from Aliens, both being tomboyish Big Guy of their crew.
    • Claire Ballantine to Joan Marie Lambert from the first Alien movie, both being the navigators and The Chick of their crew. Design-wise she is based on Aoi from Butcha-U's Hooter parody manga.
    • Manuela Santo to Ash from the first Alien movie, both being science officers that join their respective crews very recently and view the aliens that they encounter as the Ultimate Lifeforms. Depending on the route the players takes, Manuela could potentially end up betraying her crew, just like Ash.
    • The aliens in this game are a pretty blatant one to the Xenomorphs. Type 1 aliens are face huggers, type 2 are drones, type 3 are newborns from Alien: Resurrection, and type 4 is the queen.
    • John Hawkins and his pirates to the Betty crew from Alien: Resurrection, with Hawkins himself based on Ron Pearlman's character, Johner. It terms of character design, he is a dead-ringer for Cowboy Bebop's Jet.
  • Face Full of Alien Wingwong: It's Lilith-Soft attempt to create their own version of Aliens, so plenty of this.
  • Final Girl: Either Emina or Manuela can be this, as the last female characters to avoid becoming Baby Factories, depending on the player's choices.
  • Five-Man Band: The crew of the Siva:
  • Friendly Rivalry: The women of the Siva occasionally like engage friendly competition with each over, usually it is to see who can take out the most space pirates, with Silvia and Soiree being the most competitive members. In one of the possible bad endings, even after being mind-broken by the aliens and forced to be Baby Factories, the women still continue to have friendly contests, although this time it is see who a can give birth to the biggest alien spawn.
  • Ghost Ship: The titular, Chronos, a "seemly abandoned" space ship that went missing in an asteroid field 80 years ago.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Many of the female crew members of the Siva get captured by the aliens by trying to lead the aliens away from the rest of their comrades.
  • Human Mom, Nonhuman Dad: The female crew members of the Siva are forced to be the "human moms" to their alien spawns if they are captured by the aliens.
  • Latex Space Suit: Of course the space suits have to be skin tight, much like Taimanin Asagi's ninja suits.
  • Mad Scientist: Manuela Santo
  • Mars Needs Women: Well this is a Hentai, so course the aliens in this game need human women to reproduce.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: Type 1 aliens (face huggers) can attach themselves to the back of the heads of human males and control them, in a similar manner to headcrabs from Half-Life.
  • Red Shirt: The male crew members of the Siva are just faceless soldiers that are only there to be killed off by the aliens.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Claire is the weakest member of the Siva crew, naturally she is the first member of the crew to be impregnated by the aliens and then used as breeding stock by the alien queen.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Soiree and Silvia are Emina's two best soldiers, but they ultimately end being captured and impregnated by the aliens just before the game's half way point.
  • Space Marine: Emina and the crew of the Siva.
  • Space Pirates: John Hawkins and his crew.
  • Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Inverted, many of the female crew members of the Siva end up becoming "Hot Moms" to their hideous alien spawns.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Near the end of the game its revealed the lustful aliens are weak to cold temperatures.
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