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A recurring special offer where you can buy a DRM-free bundle of indie games. They are available via direct download for PC, Mac, Linux and sometimes Android. The games are also often redeemable on Steam and Desura.

There are eleven bundles to date, each containing different titles, and although you can freely choose the price you wish to pay you generally get extra titles if you pay above the still-reasonable average donation. They also have run a livestream of developing new games in conjunction with Mojang. Each bundle has generally enjoyed six-figure sales and brought in revenue totalling somewhere between half a million to two million US dollars.

When you buy a bundle, you choose how much of your money goes to the developers, various charities (which have included the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Red Cross, Child's Play and Water charities), and the organization running the Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is the most famous (but not the only) bundle to use this approach.

Their website is:

See also Indie Royale and Indie Gala, similar bundle deals.

Games that have offered by Humble Bundles include (Computer-based only unless otherwise stated; bold indicates beat-the-average bonuses):

Humble Indie Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 2

Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 3

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Humble Voxatron Debut

Humble Introversion Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 4

Humble Bundle for Android (Computers and Android Games)

Humble Bundle Mojam[1]

Humble Bundle for Android 2 (Computers and Android Games)

Humble Botanicula Debut

Humble Indie Bundle V


  1. * Mojang and Wolfire developing a themed game in 60 hours over the weekend: An RTS Shoot'Em Up in Steampunk Ancient Egypt
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