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In many works, wolves are heard howling at dusk or at night. It is a case of Noisy Nature. Also, it is often a case of not doing the research or Artistic License: wolves don't live in all settings, and they usually howl to communicate with each other, not to establish the mood or tell time. Often overlaps with Cock-a-Doodle Dawn, which is when roosters crow at dawn.

This trope has two main types:

Type A:

In type A examples, wolf howls are heard to herald the coming of the night. The wolves that do the howling are rarely seen.

Type B:

In type B examples, the howls are heard late at night, to reinforce a creepy setting or establish a fearful mood. Again, the wolves are rarely seen.

See also Wolves Always Howl At the Moon and Howl of Sorrow.

Examples of Howling to the Night include:

Type A: At Dusk Version:

Video Games:

Type B: Late at Night Version:

Anime / Manga:


Video Games:

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