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Examples from the film
  • Toothless' first scene.
  • When Hiccup wakes up and discovers that he's lost his left leg in the battle; it's even more jarring if you didn't hear Gobber imply it earlier. Not to mention, the part Hiccup tries to walk using his artificial leg and immediately stumbles is like an emotional kick to the groin.
    • Followed immediately by the most heartwarming moment in the movie, when Toothless catches him and gives him a look that just screams "You helped me, now I'll help you." Fire-Forged Friends, indeed.
  • The scene where Stoick disowns Hiccup. Hiccup pleads for him to listen for once in his life, is thrown back and told "You're not my son". Hiccup's face as he watches his father leave really helped the tears flow, as does Stoick's expression after the door closes behind him.
  • Stoick mourning over his son's apparent demise in the aftermath of the fight with the Red Death. Granted, we all knew Toothless saved him somehow, but the sheer despair and sorrow in Stoick's voice as he grieves over the loss of his only son feels like a punch to the gut.

  Stoick: I did this.

  • Test Drive, strangely enough. There's just so much adrenaline and emotion that it gets kind of overwhelming.
  • The scene in the training ring, right after Toothless rescues Hiccup. He looks so proud of himself and keeps looking back at Hiccup to see whether Hiccup was impressed by his fight, while Hiccup is so terrified that the swarming Vikings will kill Toothless.
  • In "Gift of the Night Fury", when Hiccup builds Toothless a completely working tail. When Toothless realizes he can fly independently, he backs away from Hiccup and takes off.
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