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The film:

  • Fridge Brilliance: When The Grinch is reading off the names from the phone book and saying he hates them, he's going in alphabetical order. However, the Who phone book is in alphabetical order by first name. By the time he gets to "LOATHE ENTIRELY", The Grinch could very well be at the name of his rival, Mayor Augustus May-Who.
    • Who's to say that Whoville is not the same speck as in Horton Hears a Who, but stuck on a snowflake? It would explain why Whoville can have both warm and snowy weather.
    • Jim Carrey's over-the-top performance as The Grinch. Think about it, he's been alone in a cave most of his life. It makes sense he wouldn't be all that right in the head. This is given weight by the fact that, as a kid (before he moved to the cave), he was (relatively) normal.
    • This troper has never really considered before (probably due to Furry Confusion), but The Grinch appears to be a nudist. As an added bonus, his tendency to eat beer bottles in The Movie is probably a metaphor for alcoholism. Well, I guess being an isolated hermit for more than 50 years does this kind of shit to you.
      • The Grinch couldn't have been up there for 50 years in the movie. Unless Whos age more slowly than humans, he and his former classmates are too young to be 60-odd years old.
  • The film solves a problem I had with the book and animated adaption: why does The Grinch care so much about saving the presents when Christmas "came just the same" without them? (Although it was a nice thing to do.) In the movie, Cindy is on the sled with the presents, giving The Grinch a much better reason to save the sled.
  • Fridge Horror: Whoville is on a snowflake. People catch snowflakes on their tongues not to mention the other things that happen to snowflakes. Just consider the possibilities how this could end badly for the Whos.
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