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 "Sometimes movies don't finish the way we'd like"

File:HISHE 3093.jpg

How It Should Have Ended is an Internet parody series depicting alternate endings for popular movies. It was started by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson, featuring Tina Alexander. The episodes are hand drawings given animation, and augmented with special effects and music. Each features an original "ending" that ranges from crazy awesome crossovers, to ridiculous and funny developments, to deconstructing it by simply shooting the villain or taking a third, sensible action. It also hosts featurettes such as "Surviving an Alien Invasion" and comics.

The site can be found here, and their YouTube channel is here.

Now has a Shout-Out page.

Spoofed films:

Spoofed video games:

Spoofed television shows:

Tropes used in spoofs:

 Cap: But wait! Shh! Do you guys hear that?


Batman: Hear what?

Cap: Do I hear the Justice League calling?


Superman: I don't hear anything.

Batman: Yeah, me neither.

Cap: Exactly!

Superman: (laughs)

Batman: Whammo!

Superman: Captain America burn!

 Well, this ruins my plan to send you [Dorothy] on a journey, and teach you a lesson, and eventually have you kill the Wicked Witch yourself!

    • One of Bowser becomes revealed in one of the other videos: He witnessed Mario slaughter his people, and so decided to call Princess Peach for negotiations. Unfortunately, Mario always interrupts, and nearly kills Bowser in the process.
    • Bella from Twilight when turned is not a Vegetarian Vampire like the Cullens and is pretty damn happy about it.

 Bella: Lets go eat some PEOPLE! Woo!

 Iron Man: You mean to tell me you've never revealed your secret identity before?

Batman: Uh, no.

Superman: Ha! Try every girl you've ever dated!

Batman: What?

Superman: "Oh, I'm Bruce Wayne, and I like you! Let me tell you my big secret!"

Batman: Oh, you're one to talk, Mr. Mind Eraser.

  • Canon Dis Continuity: Lampshaded in-universe, after Batman has declared that he has the power to "make an incredibly awesome movie!":

 Superman: So, we're just going to pretend like those guys never happened? [Points to a table where the Penguin from Batman Returns, Two-Face and the Riddler from Batman Forever and Mister Freeze from Batman and Robin are sitting] Is that what we're doing?

Batman: Yep.

 Kratos: Ares? I already killed you.

Mars: Nope, I'm Mars, the Roman God of War... Tooootally different.

Kratos: NO!

Mars: Aww man.

  "That wasn't a magic trick! I saw the pencil just went up into his eye, this is lame..."

 GLaDOS: Would you like some delicious cake?

 "Hey, you guys ever think we should use all this money and technology to actually solve the world's problems? End world hunger? Save the rainforest? No, just me? We'd rather kids fight to the death. Okay... Just thought I'd ask."

 "Can you imagine what it would've been like if we had walked the entire way"

(Everybody starts laughing)

"It's funny because it's extremely far."

 Kirk: Computer, I want you to shut down all the lens flare generators.

Spock: Fascinating, I was unaware that we had that.

Kirk: It's nice, right? I mean, who designs a starship where lights shine right in your eye from virtually every angle!

 Dutch: You idiots! There are weapons on the choppaaa!

 Magneto: Charles? Wh-what are you doing?

Xavier: I've been shot you selfish a-hole!

  • Smug Super: Superman is very fond of lording all his superpowers -- and the awesome things they enable him to do -- over Batman.
    • Iron Man in spades, his reply to Batman telling him he shouldn't have revealed his identity.

  "Why not? Cause I did... and I'm awesome! So... in your face!"

 Superman: But dude, you know what I would've done?

Batman: Oh, I don't know, probably just-

Superman and Batman simultaneously: Fly really fast, saving everyone from the bullets and explosions!

Superman: Exactly!

Batman: Yeah, well, I can't do those things. Because I'm not a super-bulletproof alien from another planet that can defy gravity. But you know what I can do?

Superman: What's that?

Batman: Make an incredibly awesome movie! ...You know why?

Superman: [Resigned] Because you're Bat-

Batman: Because I'm Batman!

    • Batman calls Superman out on his twitter feed consisting of him repeatedly posting;

 Batman: "Just saved the day. Just saved the day. Just got back from saving the day. Here I go to save the day. Just saved the day twice. I'm saving the day. Just saved the day tagged with Wonder Woman. Just saved the day" *phone beeps* And you just posted something new, what does it say, ah, "Just saved the day".

Superman: Yeah I just rescued these people while you were reading that.

  "I took a grenade to the face, dude!"

    • Also, Bishop and Newt to Ripley after she opens the airlock.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Jun doesn't even appear in the Halo: Reach short. But the Chief does.
  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him/Her: Frequently subverted.
    • A Munchkin decides to use his gun against the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.
    • Iron Man uses a tank missile against Obadiah Stane.
    • In Revenge Of The Fallen, they just use the Rail Gun to kill the Fallen.
    • In The Dark Knight, this becomes "Why Don't You Just Run Him Over":

 Superman: Woah, hold on a second -- you hit him?

Batman: Yep.

Superman: You hit the Joker.

Batman: Uh-huh.

Superman: You ran over a human being.

Batman: Sure did.

Superman: But... what about your rule?!

Batman: [Smugly] Didn't kill 'im.

[Cut to the Joker, lying in a hospital bed covered in casts, moaning in pain]

The Joker: You wanna know how I got these scars?

Nurse: From Batman?

The Joker: From Batman.

    • In Harry Potter, Snape shoots Voldemort, then uses the Time Turner and Invisibility Cloak to kill young Tom Riddle as well.
  • Within Parameters: Parodied in Spider-man 3:

 Scientist 1: There's a change in the silicon mass.

Scientist 2: Yeah, it's probably just a bird.

Scientist 3: Here's a bright idea: why don't you make sure it's just a bird before you mutate the crap out of something just because you were too lazy to safely run this nighttime sand mutation experiment?

Scientist 2: Fine. (stops experiment) ...That is a big bird down there. Kinda looks like a guy. Oh, wait, it is a guy down there!

  • Worth It: In Game of Thrones Sansa's head-on-a-spike invokes this after pushing Joffrey of the rampart to his death.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: When Snape goes back in time with the Time-Turner to kill Voldemort, he turns it over about 262,000 times, which, at an hour per turn, should put him back about thirty years - nowhere near enough to get Tom at the orphanage.
    • Ignoring the amount of time Snape uses to turn the Time turner in the first place.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Venom in Spiderman 3.


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