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  • When Ursa comes to visit Azula. Back this up a bit...Azula has long been under the impression that her mother thought she was a monster. She has thus craved Ursa's approval since she was a child, but she doesn't think she will get it, since she believes Zuko is Ursa's favorite. So, present day, Ursa comes to visit, and what does she do? She coos over Zuko first, comforting him about his scars that are supposed to be old news. And then she turns to Azula, and says that she always loved her, even given "What she used to be." This isn't a heartwarming scene about a mother's reuniting with her child. This is a scene in which a mother says, "Oh, thank God, you're finally different." No wonder Azula's crying. I was.
  • Poor Mai, the story does its worst to make her the Designated Villain but it's not hard for the reader to side with the thrown away wife. If this story was from her point of view, it would be a much sadder tale. First she learns that her husband cheated on her and has a child on the way, but she still loves him enough not to call attention to it and just sorts out the matter herself by destroying the letter and getting rid of the unborn child. However, years later her husband finds out what she did and she is physically and verbally abused for it. Not only that but when she proclaims her love for him and says she did it for his sake and the nation; the Jerkass only tells her off saying that he never loved her and that she is the one that was being selfish because it's totally not okay to be mad at the fact your husband cheated on you and the possiblity your lovechild could divide the nation. He then proclaims he is divorcing her and leaves to be with his other woman. However, she doesn't go without a fight and enlists the help of her brother to get back at the home wrecker. Sadly, in the end she is killed by Katara in a gruesome way. Yeah, if this story was from Mai's point of view, it would be a tragedy with a Downer Ending.
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