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  • The season finale for the fourth season. This troper had a hard time getting through it.
    • There were a lot of tear jerking scenes, but the scene that did it for this troper had to be when House talks to Amber in the Limbo-bus. " I don't want him (Wilson) to hate me" that's what I call petting the dog!
      • "Because...because it doesn't hurt here. I don't want to be in pain. I don't want to be miserable. And I don't want him to hate me." The whole episode was heartbreaking but those four lines made this troper bawl like a little girl.
      • It didn't help that the music selection used as the bed for that scene was Iron & Wine's "Passing Afternoon", which is a haunting song that, by itself, is usually enough to get this troper to weep.
    • For this troper, it was both "I don't want him to hate me"" and Taub clinging to his wife.
    • This troper had all of those, plus Wilson finally going back home to try and sleep and finding Amber's last note. Truth be told, he spent half the episode somewhere sniffling.
    • Don't forget the scene where Amber dies in Wilson's arms, after having him to pull the plug on the machine keeping her alive.
    • And, God, the dialogue from the above scene, especially, Wilson: "Just a little longer." Amber: "We're always going to want just a little longer." and Wilson: "It's not okay. Why is it okay with you? Why aren't you angry?" Amber: "That's not the last feeling I want to experience." - and Wilson kissing her so that it isn't.
      • Just the fact that it was Wilson showing such raw emotion when he's usually cast as the straight man is what did it for me. Wilson's breakdown left me absolutely speechless.
    • How about House's recovered memory of what happened? The part when he realizes that by taking the pills Amber has sealed her fate is heartbreaking. And having to explain to Wilson that there is nothing to be done...
    • This troper was sobbing all the way through the ending. For her it was the bit where all the team comes to say goodbye, the bit where they were clinging to each other and having their last conversation, the bit where Thirteen's Huntington's test shows positive, and the bit where Wilson reads Amber's last note. Fuck, I'm starting to cry just by writing that.
    • The look on Cuddy's face when House wakes up in the Season 4 finale did this troper in completely.
      • This troper found the end to the season finale really sad, with all of the scenes mentioned above. She cried when Wilson looked at House who had just woken up after having possible brain-damage, and just walked away without a word too. And the beginning of the first season when he told House they'd never been friends? Hugh Laurie makes House look like a kicked puppy at times.
    • Ok. Find me someone who didn't cry during the finale. (If they spent their viewing time struggling to hold in the tears, that's cheating.)
  • Because House is usually such a Jerkass, the moments when he's vulnerable/human always somehow get to this troper. Take, for instance, the scene in Skin Deep where he's asking Cuddy for some morphine. He drops his trousers and cane, shows her the ugly scar and says, near tears, "I could swear I remember a thigh muscle being here". Damn you, Hugh Laurie.
    • Or how about the end of Honeymoon? If you managed to not feel a massive wave of sympathy in the scene where he tries to walk properly but instead collapses on a nearby chair in agony, then you're a stronger woman than I am.
  • Have we mentioned the episode with the idiot savant concert pianist who gets half his brain removed? This troper spent approximately forty-five minutes of the hour bawling like a baby. "Are you happy?"
  • The end of House Training. Foreman has just managed to kill a patient (she died of a fricking bra infection!) and goes home to his mother, who has Alzheimer's, for some reassurance. It's all going along swimmingly as she seems to recognize him but then she says "I had a little boy named Eric." His face crumpled about the same time mine did.
  • The episode "Histories", where a homeless woman sent to the hospital after collapsing. At the end after they find out she has rabies so advanced there's no hope for survival, Foreman and Wilson go to investigate her past using her comics as a guide. They find out this 'James' she kept talking about was her son, who died in a car accident that also killed her husband, and that she felt guilty ever since.
  • The two-parter "Euphoria", especially the second half. For so many reasons.
  • Three Stories... just Three Stories. Especially this piece of heartbreaking conversation in one of the flashbacks:

 Stacy: We've got to let him cut the leg off.

House: (in massive amounts of pain) It's my leg. It's my life.

Stacy: Would you give up your leg to save my life?

House: Of course I would.

Stacy: Then why do you think your life is worth less than mine? If this were any other patient, what would you tell them to do?

House: I would say it's their choice.

Stacy: What? not a chance! You'd browbeat them until they made the choice you knew was right. You'd shove it in their face that it's just a damn leg! You don't think you deserve to live? You don't think you deserve to be happy? Not let them cut off your leg? (They're both near tears.)

House: I can't, I can't, I'm sorry.

  • This troper can't bear to watch the treadmill scene in Cane and Able. He suffers from chronic pain himself and to see House like that - close to crying because of all the pain he's in but still running anyway - is just too painful to see.
  • Soon after the beginning of the Season Five episode Simple Explanation, Kutner is found dead in his apartment, having committed suicide for no known reason. This troper was holding back tears from that point onwards, but the biggest Tear Jerker comes at the end of the episode, where a montage depicting Kutner's funeral is shown, including a shot of Taub breaking down as he sits alone in one of the hospital corridors. As if that weren't enough, the montage ends with a black screen showing contact details for mental health organisations and an "If you are thinking of suicide..." message. The troper had to go off and cry into a pillow for a while after that.
    • This troper actually found that ad at the end touching, but right afterwards, when they're like "GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND LEAVE YOUR FEELINGS" I found completely distasteful.
  • Hugh Laurie, why did you have to make "Under My Skin" so painful? Why?!
  • The last 10 or so minutes of the season five finale, especially the very end, when Wilson drops House off at the psychiatric hospital.
  • This troper teared up a little at the end of "Son of a Coma Guy."
  • The season 2 finale, "No Reason." Four words: "You're miserable for nothing."
  • "Wilson? My dad's dead."
    • House starting to crack when he's speaking at the funeral.
      • Which is completely fake.
  • The scene in the Wilson episode where Wilson asks House if he'll be there for his liver surgery:

 Wilson:The operation is in two hours and I'd like you to be there.

House: No.

Wilson: ...why?

House: Because if you die, I'm alone.

    • And then he goes anyway. It shows that in the end, House cared for Wilson's feelings more than his own.
  • The first season episode "Babies and Bathwater" features two successive impossible choices for a pregant mother and her husband. Having just had our first child, my wife and i were torn apart as we watched the team struggle to save the mother and child...and fail. The baby's cries at the end are the epitome of the tear jerker.
    • It gets even worse in "Forever". The mother's cancer caused her to kill her child and the father is so traumatized as well that he doesn't even try to convince her not to let herself die. If you wanted to slit your wrists at that, then we won't blame you.
  • The episode Maternity, because it featured the first paitient to actually die on the show a NEWBORN BABY. Then there's the scene right afterwards, when Cameron and Wilson go to tell the parents that their baby has died, the sight of them breaking down in each other's arms is only made worse by the lack of audible dialogue.
  • There are a few moments in the episode One Day, One Room but the one that really did me in is at the end when House says, "It was true."
  • "Lockdown" got me when House's would-be patient calls his daughter and leaves his message.
  • Let's not forget "Joy" when after all the stuff Cuddy went through she still doesn't get the baby.
  • In the season 5 episode, "Emancipation," when the poor girl reunites with her parents.
  • In season 7, when 13 confesses she assisted her brother's suicide. The whole episode was a massive tearjerker, what with House hearing 13 crying in the night, and when she lashes out at him in grief for his percieved lack of emotions.
  • In season 1 in Histories, the patient's backstory is a major tearjerker. Two years before the episode, her baby and husband died in a car crash, she survived with a broken arm and blamed herself ever since. When she was laying on her deathbed in the hospital due to rabies in it's later stages, Foreman pretends to be her husband and comforts her by saying he forgives her. The patient just breaks down crying and saying she was sorry repeatedly.
  • "I have cancer."
    • Made even worse by the fact that House had just been abandoned again by a woman he loved, and had come to Wilson seeking comfort, only to hear this.
    • The following episode, where House takes care of Wilson during his risky chemo. He gives up his Vicodin so Wilson doesn't have to feel as much pain.
  • The penultimate episode, where Wilson has only five months to live and House is begging him to undo chemo, which will extend his lifespan to a few years but comes with pain and being mostly hospitalbound. And when House and Wilson finally come to terms and are planning how to spend the last five months of their friendship House is told he violated his parole (with a stupid prank on Foreman that resulted in severe water damage to the hospital and destroyed an MRI machine) and has to go back to jail. His sentence? Six months.
  • A meta Tear Jerker: this wildly beloved show is ending tonight (21st May 2012) after 8 seasons. The amount of fans sobbing all over the world is truly staggering.
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