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  • Cuddy holding House's hand when he's in a hospital bed for the umpteenth time in Wilson's Heart.
  • Any scene where House shows how much he really cares about Wilson.
  • When Chase correctly guesses why Cameron doesn't want to get rid of Poor Dead Husband's sperm and she breaks down crying.
  • In "Wilson" where one of Wilson's patients needs a liver transplant and there are no donors, James donates a piece of his own liver to save him.
  • Also, from an episode involving a woman who blames herself for her son's death, House saying "your son was very lucky to have you as a mother" after preventing her from killing herself. Aww...
  • The entire final scene of "Help Me"--whether you're a "Huddy" shipper or not, her tender declaration of love and House's emotional response are pretty damn heartwarming. May also be a Tear Jerker moment for some saps (including this troper).
  • Cuddy's daughter, Rachel, crawling into House's lap for the first time.
  • One Day One Room. All of it. It can't be put into words.
  • At the end of "Recession," House walks in the rain, drunk, to Cuddy's house in the middle of the night, launching into a tirade about how being with her and being happy makes him a crappy doctor. This leads the viewers - and Cuddy - to believe that he's come to end their relationship. He then says that as long as they're together, more patients are going to die on his watch... and that it is "totally worth it."
    • YMMV on that one though since there's a bit of Fridge Horror to that.
  • "You may not want to be in charge... but you are. And you always will be."
  • The season 3 episode 'Lines in the Sand' has a severely autistic boy as a patient. His parents are a wreck the entire time because they are starting to lose patience in him but they want him to get better so much but there's so many communication problems. And then at the end he gives his PSP - his most cherished possession - to House as a thank you and House just looks stunned that someone was nice to him. As someone with an autistic brother those three sentences were so hard to type.
    • If memory serves this troper (who works with an autistic student) right, the boy looked up at House before giving him his PSP. The boy never made eye contact with anyone before. Buckets of tears were shed.
  • "I'll kill you... ...Seriously I'll do it right now, I've got a baseball bat in the back seat." -House
    • Yes, House managed to turn that line into a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • In the fourth-season finale, "Wilson's Heart," when House's team realizes Amber (formerly their rival for a spot on House's team, more recently Wilson's girlfriend) is dying and nothing can be done for her:

 Thirteen: We should say goodbye.

Taub: She didn't even like us.

Kutner: We liked her.

Taub: Did we?

Foreman: We do now.

    • This probably counts as a Tear Jerker for most tropers: the scene where Wilson is trying to process the aforementioned information and Cuddy comes in to tell him that they can wake Amber up so that they can say good-bye to each other. This finally causes Wilson to break down in tears (the first time we see him cry in the show), prompting Cuddy to take him in her arms.

 Cuddy: We can wean her off anesthesia, wake her up, give you a chance to...

Wilson: Don't be cruel. Don't.

Cuddy: Wake Amber up. See her again. Tell her what she means to you.

Wilson: Wake her up to tell her that she's...(shoves his palms into his face in agony)

    • The ending of "Birthmarks," portraying just what kind of bond House and Wilson have -- unbreakable, beautiful, powerful, true philia.

 House: If you're coming back because you're attracted to the shine of my neediness...I'd be okay with that.

    • Call this troper nuts but she couldn't help grinning hugely and affectionately at the last scene of "Human Error", where House enjoys his new guitar to the tune of Josh Ritter's "Good Man". The guy might be a massive jerk but, after all the crap that Season Three put him (and others) through, he deserves any bit of happiness he can get.
    • The episode "Joy To The World" contained so much heartbreak and misery and seemed to confirm that Humans Are Bastards. But then the episode makes up for it with two double-scoops of Heartwarming Moment . First Cuddy finally gets the baby she always wanted, and Eric Foreman and Thirteen passionately kiss during the holiday party. Forget all the shippers who were rooting for it to happen; when you consider all that both characters have been through you're overwhelmed to see them find a bit of romance and happiness with each other.
    • "Honeymoon". House finally hugs somebody. (Granted, he was in a hug before in "Sports Medicine," but that was only because the wife of the Patient of the Week started crying on him.)
    • "Half-Wit" was a brand of heartwarming that only a show like House can have, because it showed that even the biggest jerkasses can have people who care about them. Everyone in House's circle complains about his attitude regularly, but when they think he has brain cancer and only a year to live, things change.
      • It also probably set a record for Most Subversions of Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in a single episode of anything. Cameron's kiss was also to get a blood sample so they could check if House actually had cancer, Chase's hug could double as a Crowning Moment of Funny ("I'm sorry you're dying. I'm going to hug you."), and the House/Cuddy hug ("I'm here if you need me." "...I need you.") was partially an excuse to grab Cuddy's ass. The big one came at the end when the team has checked House's blood and found that he's perfectly fine and all go to his apartment together to tell him the news, looking very happy. Then House reveals that he'd been faking cancer the whole time to get into a clinical trial for a drug that would directly stimulate the pleasure center of his brain.
    • "Under My Skin" was just a brilliant masterpiece, even if the medicine was lacking. I was absolutely put away at the bond House has with Cuddy.

 "You want to kiss me, don't you?" "I always want to kiss you."

    • House and Wilson at the end of "The Social Contract."
    • This exchange at the end of the season 6 premiere made this troper feel all fuzzy inside, when House is being discharged from Mayfield, and they're having his Re-Birthday party:

 Alvie: (runs up with the intentions of throwing his arms around House)

House: Back off. People already think we're gay.

Alvie: (steps away, looking disappointed)

House: (smiles and tugs Alvie closer and hugs him tightly)

    • Pretty much anytime House is nice to a patient.
      • In "Control", where House lies to the transplant committee to get a bulimic woman onto the list.

 Carly: Why did you fight for me? You risked so much, and you hardly know me.

House: You're my patient. Don't screw it up.

  • The fourth season finally also included Cuddy staying by House's bedside, and she's seen sleeping there, holding his hand.
  • In the Season 6 episode Wilson, we get to see House confessing outright how much he needs Wilson, saying, "...if you die, I'm alone"; showing up at Wilson's surgery (in dramatic slow motion, no less) just as the anesthesia tugs Wilson under, and continually sitting by his convalescent bedside after the transplant.
  • Season finale: House actually cared about an uninteresting patient thus demonstrating Cuddy that he has changed and he wants to fix his life, leading to the crazy kids finally getting together.
  • In "Lucky Thirteen", two identical moments stand out, one with Wilson, one with Cuddy: House says, "If you're happy, I'm..." and leaves the room abruptly.
  • In "After Hours", the entire last few minutes of the episode, where Wilson is there when House wakes up from surgery. Goes Up to Eleven when he literally helps carry him. As he always does.
    • The last few minutes of "After Hours" is a CMOH for everybody else as well. Chase and Thirteen both find somebody they can talk to about their burdens who wouldn't judge them. Taub takes responsibility for his actions and lifestyle. The team at the table can qualify as a CMOH on it's own, as the normally nosy and judgmental team refrains from poking or prodding into each other's adventures of the night and instead just get to examining cases.
  • "Carrot or Stick" deals with a drill sergeant at a juvenile offender camp who falls sick, initially suspected to be poisoning at the hands of one of the campers. The prime suspect is a boy whom the patient seems to drive particularly hard, who we later learn is an orphan and was placed in the camp for a minor offense. The boy falls ill with the same disease, clearing him from suspicion. It's a hereditary disease; the drill sergeant is in fact the boy's Disappeared Dad, who decided to take an interest in his son's life after his ex-wife died, but didn't want his son to know the truth. All of that apparent "excessive" pushing becomes perfectly normal fatherly concern.
  • "The C Word", the whole thing. From the POTW being a young girl with a rare mutation, that has constantly fighting parents (one of whom is her doctor as well), and House taking care of Wilson. Every single moment, action, look, line.
  • In "Everybody Dies", House cooks up an elaborate scheme to fake his own death so he can be with Wilson during his last months to live, even though it means he can never practice medicine again. The series ends with both friends riding motorcycles off into the sunset.
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