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The Hotel Hellion is the bratty little kid that terrorizes the hotel, causing trouble and funny situations along the way. Often they are a Spoiled Brat, but they may just be Spoiled Sweet rascals.

The Trope Maker is probably Eloise from the Eloise books, but the concept has resurfaced recently.

Not to be confused with Hell Hotel.

Examples of Hotel Hellion include:


  • James from Gregory Horror Show makes trouble for everyone in the Hell Hotel, especially his grandfather. And apparently he's meant to inherit the place when he's old enough. God help them.


  • Dunston Checks In has a chimp instead of a child.
  • Home Alone 2 has Kevin Mc Allister staying in a hotel in New York for part of the movie.


  • The Trope Maker is Eloise of the Eloise books, which were later adapted into a movie.
  • Non-comedic example: In the Sarah Monette short story "The Wall of Clouds", the protagonist is staying at the "Hotel Chrysalis", which is really a sort of convalescent hospital, and he hears a story about a little girl who used to stay there with her mother. The girl was a total brat who enjoyed causing trouble and used to break the elevator for fun--until one day she died mysteriously while she was trapped in the elevator waiting for the maintenance man to fix it.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Inverted in Luigi's Mansion 3. It's the GHOSTS who have trapped Luigi in Hell.

Western Animation

  • Donald Duck has to deal with one in the Classic Disney Short Bellboy Donald.
  • Stoked has bratty guest kids who like to cause trouble at the hotel and make messes for the staff to clean up.

Real Life

  • In an adult version, there is a reason many hotels are sometimes reluctant to rent to musicians (rock and metal artists are the most notorious, but rappers are close behind, with many others competing), their entourages, or fans in town for a show. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll and Hookers and Blow get invoked, and once they are, enough of the people invoking them will become adult Hotel Hellion s, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
    • Convention-goers to some types of conventions also get this, specifically if others attending the convention did it in the past.
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