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File:Hotel ref 4892.png
"Welcome to Haven; let us twist your perfect reality into a personal hell."
The Motto they obviously don't use on their tourist brochure.

An Original Character Tournament currently on the final round, housed on deviantArt and hosted by 13th Spiral.

The storyline of Hotel Haven initially seems simple. A motley assortment of characters are invited to a luxurious Hell Hotel, run by Teufel von Trӓumen, and the most cheerful, helpful and skilled staff available. Teufel promises his guests everything they could want: wealth, happiness; in short, their dreams come true — provided they win a little tournament he is running, of course.

But it seems that facing each other might be the least of the guests' worries, because those staff aren't all they appear to be and as living in Dream Land isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially if it includes your worst nightmares.

General Tropes:

  • Crap Saccharine World: SO. MUCH.
  • Jekyll and Hyde – the staff aren't all they appear to be...which leads to:
  • Stepford Smiler - The entire staff is made up of Type C Stepford Smilers. Which also leads to:
  • Beware the Nice Ones - Sadly for all the guests it's already too late.
  • Missing Floor – The ominous floor 666 is off limits to all guests. Additionally, there is no floor 999 at all. The elevator just skips from 998 to 1000 (Yes, it really is that tall)
    • The hotel actually spans infinitely in both directions.
  • Hell - Enough said.


Teufel von Trӓumen - Owner of the Hotel:

  • Created by 13thSpiral Ref: [1]
  • Devil in Plain Sight - possibly quite literally.
  • Possibly a Long-Haired Pretty Boy – since Teufel has amazingly epic multicolored hair in a ponytail.
  • The Unpronounceable - It should be noted that many entrants could not pronounce his German name, thus resorting to the closest sounding nickname: Truffles.
    • The nickname also made it into a couple of the auditions.
  • Eyes Always Shut - Black smoke comes out of his eyes if he opens them; and that tends to make guests a tad uncomfortable.
  • All Germans Are Nazis - Master Trӓumen is German, and as is pointed out in Leafa1's audition, Teufel is German for "the Devil". You make the connection.

Simon "Stylo" Luca - Janitor:

  • Created by Tzyoku Ref: [2]
  • Ostensibly a Neat Freak, which is lucky considering his job...
  • Spontaneous Choreography - Stylo likes dancing while he cleans.
  • No Sense of Personal Space - Especially if you're pleasing to the senses.
  • (Somewhat) Almighty Janitor - He can get reprimanded, but... that doesn't stop him from doing what he wants, anyway.
  • Memetic Sex God - Beni might steal all the hearts, but Stylo gets all the love.
    • Also the lesser Launcher of a Thousand Ships. Unlike Beni, most of Stylo's shippings involve competitors and other staff members rather than the many stereotypically-lovable fangirl's characters.
      • Nevermind. Beni's been shipped with all the staff, now, too.

Doll - The Maid:

Beni the Bellhop:

Malik Avari:

Wilton Kavanagh:

The Receptionist:

The Official Contestants

Of the 109 auditions, only 32 were able to make the final cut; with a total of 51 characters including pets. They are as follows:

Ariadne and Nergal Negrelli

Both are members of an ex-Big Screwed-Up Family

Armaan and Siroh

Madeline, Meuff and Linear

Narantulguldur Qanqutan and Silvano Romano


Yavari and Abacus

Lydia Jones

Wallace and Hemhem

Caine and Mabel


Priestess Sato Nami

  • Creator: [18] Intro: [19]
  • Miko - Nami worked at the Shrine of the "Mother Sun", an other-world variant of Amaterasu, she was a Miko until she became a full fledged priestess.
  • Also falls under Half-Human Hybrid
  • Big Beautiful Woman - Sato is the heaviest guest at the hotel, but is still attractive.
  • Religion Is Magic - This may also be considered to be White Magic, Nami was blessed by the mother Goddess of her world, giving her a number of divine gifts.
    • Some of these might be considered to be Blessed with Suck as things such as Fertility powers have limited combat potential.

Luna and Hin

M+M and Howard



Cecile Durard and Bonaventure "Clockie" Jenkins

Lillian and Adelmar


Mistress Perrin of the Linael House and Pyotr

Benjamin Hayward

  • Creator: clickmon Intro: [28]
  • New Meat: Ben comes to the hotel for a job, not for the tourney, but Teufel is having him fight anyway.

Cecil Bates


Lucas and Kumiho


Danny De Mentrick

Boniface Balfour and Karen Stein

Deidra Dondre


Ian Mc Glaugh and Shep


Kiwi and Grave Jr


  • Creator: Critical-Error Intro: [40]
  • The Fan Service character...until you figure out that she is actually a he.
    • Out of all the crazy characters in this fantasy-based tourney, the gender confused male prostitute (see Transvestite) has to be the strangest.

Round Tropes

  • For the sake of tidiness, only the winning canon entries are troped.

Round One

Ariadne and Nergal vs Yavari and Abacus (forfeit) - Winner: Ariadne and Nergal

Madeline, Meuff and Linear (forfeit) vs Narantulguldur and Silvano - Winner: Narantulguldur and Silvano

Armaan and Siroh vs Natalie - Winner: Armaan and Siroh

  • Would Hit a Girl: Or maul her...
  • Shout-Out: Siroh has dolls of Amelia and Kelly, characters belonging to Lime In Da Cocount.
  • Candy Land: The match is set on a giant version of the game.
  • Lava Pit: It's actually like molten caramel. Just as cancerous.

Lydia vs Wallace and Hemhem - Winner: Lydia

  • Only Sane Man: Lydia seems to be picking up on the Hotels ulterior motives a lot faster than the other guests.
  • The floor is filled with Empty Shells, which (completely unintentionally) leads to a victory.
  • Follow the Leader: Hemhem does this with Wallace And then with Lydia
  • Talk Like a Pirate : "Bye creepy mean guy who talks like a pirate!"

Caine and Mabel vs Izzy - Winner: Izzy

  • Designated Girl Fight: This actually happened in both their entries; the brothers let their sisters battle it out.

Luna and Hin vs M+M and Howard - Winner: M+M and Howard

  • Riddle Me This: In order to win, the contestants had to answer a series of riddles to advance. The first of which lead to A Canada joke.
  • Burn, Baby, Burn : M+M decides to take the scenery of fire in when it's not actually trying to hurt him.
  • The Cameo : Noel, character who auditioned for Hotel Haven made by The Everlastingnight.

Face vs Sere - Winner: Sere

Cecile and Clockie (forfeit) vs Lillian and Adelmar - Winner: Lillian and Adelmar

  • Stop or I Will Shoot: Both Lilian and Clockie make this threat.
  • Meanwhile Scene: Tag along spectator Ceil has been done as a bit of a collaboration with DA users Daco-Taco and kristehvampire.
    • Several other spectator characters such as Mysti and Noel show up in the dining room scene.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Somewhat surprisingly, it's mild mannered Clockie. He really does not like Adelmar hitting on Cecile.

Jouel vs Perrin and Pyotr - Winner: Perrin and Pyotr

Benjamin vs Sato Nami - Winner: Benjamin

Cecil (forfeit) vs Helix - Winner: Helix

Lucas and Kumiho vs Moniq - Winner: Lucas and Kumiho

Danny vs Boniface and Karen (forfeit) - Winner: Danny

  • Clip Show: Danny's room is basically one of these.
  • Booby Trap: Karen challenges Danny to face a whole room of these.
  • Timed Mission: Danny has 15 minutes to hit Karen.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Danny promises to give the prize money to Karen when he wins. They become friends at this point.
    • Bo lightens up a bit too, but he's not going to admit it to Danny's face any time soon...

Deidra vs Dvandva - Winner: Deidra

Ian and Shep vs Masque - Winner: Ian and Shep

  • Pregnant Badass: SEE ENTRY.
  • The Board Game - The Game of Life.
  • Empty Room Psych - When the other fights take place in lavishly designed training rooms, circus big tops, lush green woods, entire cities, fantasy worlds and on floating platforms in an endless starry sky, you can't help but feel sorry for these three getting stuck with the plain room with only a table, three chairs and a board game for several days.

Kiwi and Grave vs Mary - Winner: Mary

Round Two

Ian and Shep (forfeit) vs Benjamin Hayward - Winner: Benjamin

Ariadne and Nergal vs Armaan and Siroh - Winner: Armaan and Siroh

Lillian and Adelmar vs Marilyn - Winner: Lillian and Adelmar

Danny vs Deidra - Winner: Danny

Sere vs Izzy - Winner: Sere

Helix vs Lydia - Winner: Lydia

  • All Men Are Perverts: Hemhem is caught staring at parts of Doll that he really shouldn't. Also spends quite a bit of time clinging to her and even nicknamed her "Dollface".
  • Chess Motifs: The round challenge is a giant game of chess of death (literally) with life size players.
  • There is another Instant Costume Change, as well as there was in round 1.
  • Resurrected Romance: Traumen fakes the resurrection of Lydia's dead fiancee.

Narantulguldur and Silvano vs M&M and Howard - Winner: Narantulguldur and Silvano

Lucas and Kumiho vs Perrin and Pyotr - Winner: Perrin and Pyotr

Round Three

Armaan and Siroh VS Danny Dementrick - Winner: Armaan and Siroh

Lydia vs Narantulguldur and Silvano (forfeit) - Winner: Lydia

Perrin and Pyotr vs Benjamin Hayward - Winner: Perrin and Pyotr

Round Four

Perrin and Pyotr vs Lydia - Winner: Lydia

Perrin + Pyotr


Lillian and Adelmar (forfeit) VS Armaan and Siroh - Winner: Armaan and Siroh

Fun Facts

  • In the audition round, most of the contestants either did not believe the dream place hotel to exist at all, or didn't believe it was real AND criticized its location. Those auditions all ended with a panel of shock and awe in the revelation that Hotel Haven was Real After All.
  • There are four contestants, with a total of eight characters, that entered characters that come from the circus; and none of them were paired.
    • M+M was never actually a member of a circus, but he's easily mistaken for a mime anyway.
  • Out of the 51 characters entered, 18 are not human, and four of them are not from earth.
  • The 7 hosts can be easily paired with the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues:
  • Everyone Meets Everyone: Some people involved in Hotel Haven decided to draw every contestant. They're all crazy:
  • There have been many Crack Pairings spawned by the contestants, but surprisingly some canon couples have been developed between contestants.
    • Through much role playing, contestants Leafa1 and Umbrellskylight have officially paired their characters Nergal and Ian, respectively.
    • After competing against each other, contestants Dementeddustbunnies creator of Deidra D, and Dama130 creator of Danny D, ignored Defeat Means Friendship and skipped straight to defeat means romance. The pairing is often referred to Double D between many of the contestants.
  • Charanty in her Spectator Entries gave a very unusual twist to back stories of Beni and Sere.
    • And don't forget that since she managed to tie them up together! So we expect a lot of tasty mind screw further.
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