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"Do you see this? Do you see this wind? This is Revlon Wind, okay? It makes me look even hotter than usual."

The Hot Wind (also known as the Mystic Hot Girl Wind or the Wind of Sexy) is generated by the first appearance of a particularly attractive (usually female) character. When she walks in, a mysterious breeze tousles her hair and clothing in the most fetching way possible. Usually, this all happens in Slow Motion.

Frequently appears in conjunction with Gaussian Girls.

A Sub-Trope of Dramatic Wind.

Compare the Marilyn Maneuver.

Not to be confused with actual hot winds like Foehn or Santa Ana winds, or any reputed physiological or psychological effects surrounding the same.

Examples of Hot Wind include:


  • Every shampoo/conditioner/makeup commercial ever


Live Action TV

  • Scrubs, justified because of a fan behind the character.
    • It actually happens nearly every time an attractive female is introduced. Eventually lampshaded in the eighth season when JD narrates how he likes to describe attractive women walking in slow motion with wind blowing through their hair whenever she meets them.
  • Boston Legal
  • Buffy played with this,

  Buffy to Dracula: You think you can just waft in with your music-video wind.

  • The titular character of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is convinced in one episode that his true love will be highlighted by a glowing light and this trope.
  • The Suite Life On Deck: Zack finds a girl who doesn't fall for his charms, and as his feelings for her grow, when he looks at her, he sees her with the wind blowing through her hair.
  • Chuck did this with the Buy More entrances of Sarah, Carina, Anna, and Hannah, lampshaded it by giving that same dramatic breeze to Morgan, and finally had the entire Nerd Herd receive the Hot Wind treatment courtesy of Morgan holding up a fan.


  • In the Dresden Files, three Raith sisters get this in Turn Coat. Justified, as they show up by jumping out of a helicopter that's level with the trees. Lampshaded by Harry, who said that if there were any justice in the world, he would get to watch them walk in slow motion.

Video Games

Western Animation

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