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The Roma have long had an ambiguous status in Western societies and popular culture: alien enough to serve as a convenient Other, but geographically near at hand. As a result they have tended to be both vilified and exoticized, and while the Gypsy Curse is a byproduct of the former, the Hot Gypsy Woman is an example of the latter.

The Hot Gypsy Woman has fairly standardized features. She has relatively dark skin, raven-black hair which she wears loose, a low-waisted long skirt with a slit up the side, a bare midriff, bare feet and plenty of jewellery. She also tends to have a fiery personality and to be overt in her sexuality, making her an Ethical Slut.

This trope is Older Than Steam and tends to be mostly encountered in stories set in the early modern era. While Roma characters are seen as traditional in Europe, in Americas the same archetype can be incarnated as the Spicy Latina.

No Real Life Examples, Please

Examples of Hot Gypsy Woman include:


Anime and Manga

Comic Books



Live-Action TV

  • Near miss: Although both hot and a gypsy, Jenny Calendar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer probably doesn't count, as she was only revealed to be of gypsy extraction after about a season, and was portrayed merely as a Hot Teacher.
  • Edmund Blackadder's autobiography is, shall we say, slightly embellished with this trope.

 It's a steaming rollercoaster of a novel, crammed with sizzling gypsies!

  Oh, what are you, Creepy Girl? Are you French, or Italian, or one of those swarthy Gypsy types? heh heh.


  • The song "Bohémienne aux yeux noirs" by Tino Rossi:

 "Bohemian with big dark eyes

Your dusk-colored hair

And the sheen of your brown skin

Are prettier than the moonlight

Bohemian with big dark eyes

I shivered with tender hope

I would like you to be mine"

  • The song "Gypsy Woman" by Hilary Duff:

 "She can swallow knives, she can swallow lives

Golden black stare, but the night of your demise

Try to run away with the gypsy woman

Good today but gone for good

Can't get away with the gypsy woman"

  • Don Williams "I Recall A Gypsy Woman":

 "I recall a gypsy woman

Silver spangles in her eyes

Ivory skin against the moonlight

And the taste of life's sweet wine"

  • The Impressions' song "Gypsy Woman" (later covered by Santana):

 "From nowhere through a caravan

Around the campfire light

A lovely woman in motion

With hair as dark as night

Her eyes were like that

Of a cat in the dark

They hypnotize me with love

She was a gypsy woman"

 "I'm a gypsy

But are you coming with me

I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

I never made agreements just like a gypsy

And I won't back down 'cause life's already hurt me

And I won't cry

I'm too young to die

If you're gonna quit me"

 "Mama, every time you turn around the fire.

Mama, keep me in between the devil and the sky.

And every time you look my way,

Mama how you hypnotize."

Pro Wrestling

  • G.L.O.W's Little Egypt


Video Games

Web Comics


  • The Beautiful Ballerina, an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Red Shoes", has Shari who is a gypsy.
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