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"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire."
Shocking Blue, Venus

Thalia: Wow. Apollo is hot.

Percy: He's the sun god.

Thalia: That's not what I meant.

When the gods are divine in their beauty as well as power, they've earned the right to be called a Hot God.

Invariably, a Love Goddess is always a Hot God. Note also that several goddesses (from a multitude of pantheons) were seen as befitting of the Lady of War/Hot Chick with a Sword/Hot Amazon archetypes, so it seems divine power may be telling of how attractive power is.

See the related Angelic Beauty for the divinely beautiful on the lower end of the cosmic totem pole. Consequently, see Horny Devils and Hot as Hell for a Hot God's infernal rivals in looks.

Not to Be Confused With something that you put jelly on... except in very specific fantasies.

Examples of Hot God include:

Anime and Manga



  • Elric of Melnibone stories. The Lord of Law Donblas the Justice Maker and Arioch, a Lord of Chaos.
    • Arioch can take many forms, not all of which are appealing.
  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians, being based on Greek Mythology and all. The gods have the power to change into whatever they want to look like, but special focus is given on the total hotness of Apollo and Aphrodite.
  • The Valar in The Silmarillion. In their case they're spiritual beings and when they walk among the Children of Eru they regard their bodies the way the Children of Eru regard fine clothes-as something to put on to impress others. In effect their bodies are a kind of Ermine Cape Effect. They choose whether to take a masculine or a feminine body depending on what suits their personality.
  • Dweia from The Redemption of Althalus.

Live Action TV

Mythology and Religion

Tabletop RPG

TV Tropes

  • This very wiki has a bevy of 'em with its Trope Pantheons, and they come in many different flavors (male, female, human, nonhuman, good, evil, etc.).

Video Games

Web Original

  • All the New Olympians at Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe. The avatar of Aphrodite, in particular, likes to use her beauty and lust aura to manipulate men. Fey, as one of the Nine Queens of the ancient Sidhe would count too.

Western Animation

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