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No explanation needed for gamers...

A lot of video games involve characters. Sometimes those characters get it on. Of course, since this is a video game, it's only a couple more steps of logic to present those, err, activities as part of gameplay. The result is this trope, so named after the Unusual Euphemism used in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. (See below for more details on its amusing history.)

Please note that this trope does not concern the depiction of sex in a video game; that falls under "Optional Sexual Encounter." This trope concerns when said encounter is interactive. If the player doesn't have some control over what happens, it doesn't count. This means games like The Sims are right out, since you can tell your characters to "Woohoo," but the act itself is a Cutscene with no interactivity. Of course, Rule 34 being what it is, there are Game Mods which make Woohoo interactive. Those do fall under this trope. (Again, more on that below.)

This trope often crosses over with Optional Sexual Encounter, since (most) games do not make sex mandatory. Often overlaps with IKEA Erotica ("press B to thrust!").

Examples of Hot Coffee Minigame include:

Action Game

Adventure Game

  • The original version of Fahrenheit (2005 video game) has several sex scenes, the first of them being optional and interactive, which were both Dummied Out when the game was released in the United States under the title Indigo Prophecy. The developers claimed that the removal didn't affect the plot, thereby implying they were entirely gratuitous.
    • Not the plot, maybe, but certainly the characterization.
  • Heavy Rain also features an interactive sex scene.


  • Many porn games have this, especially Hentai.
    • If the game is by Illusion, this probably is the game.

Platform Game

  • Parodied in Achievement Unlocked 2, where the elephant protagonist runs and leaps around a giant coffee mug.
  • Another Flash platformer, Humbugger, in which you play a chicken, has a sequence in which a rooster appears out of a bush. Chicken and rooster then disappear into the bush together, and the top of the screen becomes a reaction game. Hitting the right keys causes the bush to shake, and the game gets steadily faster. Completing this game causes an egg to roll out of the bush. A chick then hatches from the egg, and becomes the new playable character for a while.

Real Time Strategy

  • Star Control II has this within the storyline, though it's not especially smutty (the screen goes black and the Dialogue Tree goes suggestive).

Role Playing Game

Simulation Game

  • There's a few dating sim games on Newgrounds that have this, usually in the form of 'alternate pressing up and down' or just plain Button Mashing.
  • As mentioned, The Sims does not support this out of the box, but people have changed that with Game Mods.
  • Plenty of that in 7 Sins, where sex is definitely not optional. During the scenes (where both parties leave their undergarments on), the player has to finish one or several Mini Games with the sex as the backdrop. Successful completion of the minigame results in the character's increased affection for you, while a failure is not seen favorably. The sounds made by the player's partner during the minigame reflect how close he is to completion.
  • Custer's Revenge; the first rape simulation game? Or H-game?

Stealth Based Game

Turn-Based Strategy

  • Amiga-era game Defender Of Rome had an example, if you managed to negotiate a peaceful alliance with Egypt. Cut to a night encounter with Cleopatra, where you have to negotiate a different kind of alliance...

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