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  • Complete Monster:
    • Hostel: Part II:
      • Sacha Rassimov of the sequel is the leader of Elite Hunting, an illegal company that has innocent tourists in Slovakia and around the world abducted, only to be tortured to death in horrendous manners by wealthy psychopaths. Rassimov doesn't allow his clients to let their victims go, and has his dogs maul to death any remorseful customer who trespass his golden rule. Responsible for countless of grisly deaths, Rassimov is easily the most wicked villain of the whole franchise, despite his “nice” facade.
      • The cannibal client is an elderly psychopath who makes the Dutch Businessman looks like an angel in comparison. Having bought Miroslav to feast on him, the cannibal has already flayed his left leg and removed the other one when he's introduced. He then proceeds to cut off a bit of his victim's thigh, who is still sentient despite the immense pain he's feeling. The cannibal is also careful to keep Miroslav alive and in pain, presumably to make his meat tastier. Implied to have inflicted this horrid fate to countless other people, the cannibal is arguably one of Elite Hunting's most frightening client.
    • Hostel: Part III:
      • Travis is a traitorous manipulator who is a regular of the Las Vegas section of Elite Hunting. His business is to collect victims for the local section, as demonstrated by his first deed which consists of drugging a Ukrainian couple so they are sold to Elite Hunting. Later, he meets a group of young revelers, and lures them into a trap, culminating in the group's demise at the hands of Elite Hunting's clients. When some survivors manage to escape, Travis shoots one of them in cold blood and attempts to kill the other (although he would've deserved it) so he can keep the whole mascarade secret.
      • The unnamed doctor is a skilled surgeon working for Elite Hunting, with presumably countless victims at his name due to his experience. He proceeds to remove the face of a man who pled for his life by using a scalpel, without using any anesthetic so he can hear his victim's screams of pain. Later, he immobilizes a woman, then has dozens of cockroaches swarming into her mouth so they can choke her. Extremely vile, the depraved surgeon stands out as one of the vilest Elite Hunting's operatives.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The temptresses of Elite Hunting.
  • Nausea Fuel - To the point where even the protagonists just can't help it.
  • WTH? Casting Agency: The Ax Crazy Sasha is played by... Milan Kňažko, former Slovak Minister of Culture.
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