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Roger: Hey, kids - what time is it!? It's vacation time! And guess where we're going this year!?

Peter: Uncle Ralph's Cabin, where we've gone for the past nine summers.

Roger: How'd you know? Did your mother tell you?

Roger: OK, so there ARE a few bugs to contend with. We can still go swimming!

Andy: While swatting mosquitos.

Roger: We can still go fishing!

Andy: While swatting mosquitos.

Roger: And Ranger Rusty tells me they've got a hot spring geyser that erupts like clockwork every 24 hours. It's only a two-hour hike away, if we want to see it.

Andy: What time does it erupt?

Roger: 3:38AM.

Andy: Roger, come closer.... there's a mosquito on your nose.
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