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  • Jack's drawing of a plane crash with him and his family wearing parachutes -- except Peter, who's just falling. To the shark-infested ocean.
  • Tootles slamming the door in front of the Banning family because he's so excited to find that "It's snowing!" when he opens it.
    • Jack laughs, then starts choking his gum. Peter angrily pats him on the back.
    • This all happens immediately after Peter calls England "the land of good manners."
  • "Don't try to stop me, Smee trytostopme."
    • "Better get up off your arse and GET OVER HERE SMEE!"
  • Smee introducing Hook to the crew:

Turn down the main mast, maties, cos here he is. The cunning kingfish, the bad barracuda! The sleaziest sleaze of the Seven Seas. A man so deep, he's almost unfathomable...a man so quick, he's even fast asleep! Thank you! Now, let's give him a very big hand, cos he's only got one! I give you, the steel-handed stingray, Captain James Hook!

  • During the baseball game, a pirate fan in the bleachers shouts out that one of the pirates playing is attempting to steal second base. The player in question is then shot by the catcher.
  • "Smee, do something intelligent!" (Smee ducks into Hook's cabin and fills his pockets with gold)
  • "I've been shot!"
  • Rufio and Peter, Volleying Insults.

 Peter: Nearsighted gynecologist.

    • Especially funny at the end, where Rufio runs out of insults and devolves to screaming, "MAN! ST-STUPID, STUPID MAN!"
  • The Lost Boys' response to Peter explaining that he's a lawyer.

 Rufio: Kill the lawyer!!

Peter: I'm not that kind of lawyer... (runs)

  • Peter is trying to climb up to save his kids. Time for a Call Back...

 Peter: Somebody give me a hand.

Hook: I already have.

  • Maggie yelling at Hook towards the end.

 Maggie: You need a mother very, very badly!

  • Peter's rant trying to justify Tinkerbell flying in and talking to him, likely all a Throw It In by Robin Williams on the spot.
  • This dialogue:

 Peter: What are you doing?

Tootles: (on the floor) I've lost my marbles.

    • Peter sighs. Before they went inside, he told his kids to respect the elders, and Tootles isn't helping his case.
  • Smee tries on one of them fancy words he's heard the Captain use.

 Smee: I've just 'ad an apostrophe.

Hook: I think you mean "epiphany."

Smee: Lightning 'as just struck my brain.

Hook: That must have hurt.

  • This exchange:

 Pirate: (as he and Peter cross swords) Wait... aint you-

Peter: Peter Pan.

Pirate: *Jumps out window*

    • And this:

 Peter: AARGH!

Pirate: AARGH you!

Peter: NOT BAD! YOU?

Pirate: NOT BAD!


    • And this:

 Peter: I remember you being a lot bigger

Hook: To a ten-year-old, I'm huge.

    • Well actually, this movie has Robin Williams, so most of it is CMOF
  • Tinkerbell breaking character as she pretends to be dying to get Peter onboard. "Louder, Peter!"
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