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Fridge Brilliance

  • I was watching "stupid stuff" again, and it dawned on me: Kevin Grumbles sent Homestar a "HRemail"!
  • In the Strong Bad Email hremail3184, Strong Bad destroys his Lappy through a fiery explosion. Some tropers may make angry comparisons to "retirement", but if you think about it, a showstopping finale is also what laid the spirits of the first two computers to rest in that sbemail, which is what happened here too. ~ Old Man Ho Oh
  • The Strong Bad email stunt double ends with an advertisement for Dangeresque 3 "in 3D!", complete with off-center red and blue outlines. Five years later, once everybody had forgotten about this one-off gag, Dangeresque 3 was actually released as a part of Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People - in polygonal 3D. --Yellow Yoshi 398
  • Fans of Homestar Runner have always wondered why Strong Bad hasn't taken off his mask, even going so far as to email "him" over and over. While he says it's actually his face, there's also a real reason in real life. Lucha Libre wrestlers DON'T TAKE OFF THEIR MASKS, EVEN OUT IN PUBLIC. (For the wrestler, it's a flamboyant and special, but effective, part of their identity.)
  • In the song These Peoples Try To Fade Me, Coach Z says he's "so old-school they tore the school down". While it may sound like a typical Coach Z line, it making absolutely no sense, this line actually does. Basically he's more old-school than old-school.
  • In Happy Dethemberween, Homestar is the only one who realizes that The Thnikkaman is Bubs in a Paper-Thin Disguise. This may be a reference to a quote from 4 branches:

  Strong Bad: You know how in video games, if you get the super-duper high score, it eventually flips back to zero? Well, sometimes Homestar does something so stupid, he flips back to smart.

Fridge Logic

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