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Not so much a porn trope, although it's certainly there.

Alice and Bob, deciding to spice up their relationship, film themselves having sex. Or take pictures of each other naked.

At some point, hilarity generally will ensue.

This, however, can also occur in drama- and be a motive for murder. Often done because the person needs the money, and if not actually the basis for murder, at the very least used for blackmail.

Comedic Examples

Anime and Manga

  • By accident the ADs of Chou-Hayaoki TV end up taping one of the main characters of The Weatherman Is My Lover during the Hot Springs Episode.
  • GE - Good Ending has one of the protagonist's friends involved in one. Not played for laughs as it was filmed without her consent.
  • The Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt episode "Sex and the Daten City" sees Panty at risk of losing her newfound celebrity lifestyle when she screens her "debut film" (a sex tape) at a swanky premiere for another movie she and Stocking are in, which leaks to the public, leading to the Anarchy sisters traveling the world to destroy every last copy of the porn. They succeed, but Stocking keeps the last copy and uploads it online to get even with Panty for cutting her from their film entirely.


  • In Dykes to Watch Out For, Ginger dates a video artist who enjoys making these particular kinds of videos of their encounters. Naturally, Ginger's housemates Sparrow and Lois discover one of the tapes and give her a good ribbing about it.


  • This is the basis of Road Trip.
  • Backfires spectacularly in Trainspotting, to the point where it leads directly to the death of one of the main characters.
  • In Ruthless People, the sex tape is filmed by a pair of blackmailers trying to get someone arrested for murder. Thinking (by the screaming) that it was actually a murder, they take the tape straight to the chief of police. Unfortunately, it was him on the tape, and, accidentally blackmailed, he obeys their commands. Gets really bad when the cleverer of the two blackmailers takes the tape into a video shop to check it.
  • Clark Griswald (in National Lampoon's European Vacation) tests his new videocamera by taping Mrs. Griswald in the shower. After swearing he's going to erase the tape later, she sings a "naughty" version of "Hey, Big Spender." Later, in Italy, Clark hands the camera to a stranger to videotape the family while standing in the Trevi Fountain and the stranger runs off with it. Something like a day passes and they see a screengrab from the "shower scene" on a billboard for a new "erotic movie". (She is not happy.)
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • In "An Evening With Kevin Smith", he talks about borrowing and watching a sex tape made by and starring Jason Mewes. Yes.
      • In an interview on Attack of the Show, Smith actually said that this is his favorite kind of porn ever since he discovered "revenge porn" on the internet.
  • In Bad Boys II, Marcus and Mike play the tape of a suspect's camera at an electronics shop. After useful info, it cuts to home-recorded sex. And while trying to shut it off, they accidentally make all the TVs of the store play it. (The following "broadcast" is even worse/funnier).
  • In Machete, April and her mother June film these. They mistake Machete for a new gardener and invite him to join them. After the deed, he kidnaps them and puts the video in a place where the father Booth can find it to taunt him.


  • Part of the plot of Ian McEwan's novel Amsterdam revolves around scandalous photographs of a character crossdressing in the company of someone else's wife, and the potential for blackmail. When the photographs are revealed by the crossdresser's rival, nobody is very shocked or offended by them, and people are more inclined to praise him for acting out his fantasies.
    • However, the character's chances of becoming Prime Minister are still ruined, so the rival succeeds nonetheless.

Live Action TV

  • On one episode of Friends, Joey and his date walks in on a set that Chandler and Monica had obviously put together for this purpose - she leaves horrified. This was while Joey was the only one who knew of their relationship. He berates Chandler for making it more and more difficult to keep their secret, and storms out in a huff. Then he sticks his head back in the door to deliver his parting shot:

 "But let me just say: The camera? Nice!" *two thumbs up*

    • In another episode a tape Ross and Rachel made is discovered and the friends debate if they should get to watch it or not. In the end Ross and Rachel watch it by themselves, and while initially reminiscent, turn it off in horror when they see how bad they look during the act.
    • In "The One with the Prom Video", Monica discovers that the end of said video is a Home Porn Movie, featuring her parents.
    • It seems everybody in Friends made one. In yet another episode, somebody finds a videotape with Monica's ex Richard and another girl they assume to be Monica (They couldn't see her face clearly). Monica finds out and, on viewing the tape it turns out it wasn't her. To which Monica shouts, "That bastard taped over me!"
  • In an episode of Mad About You, Paul and Jamie accidentally send their "home movie" back to the video store instead of the actual rental tape.
    • The same thing happened in a 1999 Volkswagen commercial, with people in the video store watching on the in-store monitor.
  • In an episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette's kids start to watch a videotape belonging to a neighboring couple, which Lynette frantically stops when she sees what kind of movie it is. The neighbors are embarrassed it got out of their house... because their more recent movies have higher standards of production.
  • Subverted in an episode of The Drew Carey Show, in which there's a video tape that appears to be a Home Porn Movie made by Drew Carey and his girlfriend. At the end of the episode, the contents of the tape are revealed to the audience: Drew and his girlfriend did, in fact, set up a camera to have sex in front of, but, once the camera was turned on, his girlfriend saw how much weight she'd put on since she began dating Drew. In fact, the video is of them breaking up.
  • In Rules of Engagement, Adam and Jennifer tape themselves only to be disgusted by how they look on camera. Adam becomes obsessed and starts watching the tape over and over, trying to analyse flaws with his technique until Jennifer tapes over it with her yoga workout.
  • In The Office (USA), Michael invites a few co-workers over for dinner and takes them into the bedroom on the house tour. He apparently neglected to remove the video camera pointed at the bed.
  • Brothers and Sisters. Said clip ends up getting shown at a birthday party.
  • Mosley (about Sir Oswald Mosley). The mistress of the title character takes a photograph of Mosley naked at the beach. When Mosely dumps her after she becomes pregnant she gives the photo to his political opponents, endangering his political career.
  • Patrick in Coupling has a tape of every single woman he's ever slept with - which it turns out includes all the female characters. They're all kept in a cupboard, which is of course stacked floor-to-ceiling.
    • Susan is infuriated when she finds out that not only did Patrick accidentally tape over her, but that neither he nor her current boyfriend Steve were able to realize it wasn't her in the video until she pointed it out.
  • Dennis on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes home porn videos. Without the women's knowledge. And they all focus on him.
  • On Smallville Emil Hamilton and Tess Mercer of all people make one while Kissing Under the Influence. They are not happy when it's found the next day.
  • Variant in Sex and the City- Carrie is friends with a man who makes a long term "art project" of sleeping with models and filming it without their knowledge. When Samantha is hepped to this, and said friend shows interest in her, she assumes he thinks he's a model. When they finally do have sex, she asks where the camera is and even though he explains he only does it for models, he agrees to give Samantha the same treatment.
  • Bobby and Jules in Cougar Town have one. Jules is particularly proud of how great she looked at nineteen.


  • "Cry Me A River" , the Justin Timberlake song, has a video where JT does this, with the aim of getting back at a woman who is very clearly meant to be Britney Spears.
  • "Get Naked" on Tommy Crue's rap album complains about the money being made off his sex tape with Pamela Anderson.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • King of the Hill has Hank and Peggy walk into Boomhauer's bedroom to see a videocamera pointed at the bed and hooked up to the tv. They assume it's for home videos and pretend to be news casters on the bed with it.
  • Subverted in The Simpsons- Bart finds a tape marked "Homer and Marge Get Dirty", and plays it for Lisa hoping to traumatize her. It turns out its just footage of the two carving pumpkins.

Dramatic Examples

Live Action TV

  • Julie was blackmailed with one of these on The OC.
  • Soap being an Affectionate Parody of Soap Operas, naturally featured one of these.
  • Kings had a story where the princess is blackmailed with the photographic variety.
  • Done in an episode of Criminal Minds: when a woman finds in her husband's cell phone nude pictures of their daughter, he tries to get away by claiming that this is some sexting done by the daughter (presumably to her boyfriend) and that she sent those to her father in law by mistake. he's lying by the way
  • Sort of happens in Lost, when Jack catches Sawyer and Kate cuddling post-coitus on a security camera. If he'd been through a few minutes sooner, he would have gotten a real eyeful...

Web Comics

  • Lisa of Venus Envy was publicly outed as a lesbian and had her reputation destroyed when she was involved in something like this.
  • In Misfile, when nude photos of a girl start circulating around the school, it is treated as a very serious problem, and the legal implications (that under-18 nudity is extremely illegal) are brought up, though we are informed that the girl in question is 18.


  • "The Porn Stars" in Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted. They started out making the movie as a labor of love and to make money. By the time they're finished, they've realized how artificial their relationship has become.
  • A very dark version appears in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Lisbeth takes a hidden camera to her guardian's house, knowing he's going to molest her and planning to use the tape as blackmail. However, instead he knocks her unconscious, ties her up and brutally rapes her.
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