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"Here we bloody well are, and here we bloody well stay."
General Vassy, Battle of Thermopylae, 1941
"Before the network, there was the fleet. Before diplomacy, there were soldiers! Our influence stopped the rachni. But, before that, we held the line. Our influence stopped the krogan. But, before that, we held the line! Our influence will stop Saren. In the battle today, We. Will hold. The Line!"
Captain Kirrahe, Mass Effect
"Our first line of defence shall be the trenches, the second shall be the Aegis lines, the third will be the blessed bastions themselves. Our last line of defence shall be our faith - faith that we can hold our against all odds and above all, faith in the Emperor."
Graf Gurnzeig, Warhammer 40000, "Siege of St. Thor's conviction"

"In yon strait path a thousand

May well be stopped by three.

Now who will stand on either hand,

And keep the bridge with me?"
Thomas Babington Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome, "Horatius"
"When we hunt, we kill. No one is safe; nothing is sacred. we are blackwatch! We are the last line of defense! We will burn our own to hold the red line, it is the last line to ever hold."
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