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My father remarried, and suddenly I have a new stepsister -- the dark and beautiful Hitomi. Day after day I can think of nothing but her pure white skin and sakura-colored lips. I must possess her one day...

Takahiro Maejima's rigid, unremarkable life with his widowed father is all changed when his father announces that he's remarried. The next Sunday, a woman and her daughter arrive at their doorstep and introduce themselves as Yoko and Hitomi Maejima, respectively. Takahiro develops a sudden fascination for his new female family members, especially his new stepsister. While sorting his feelings out and adjusting to this massive change, his paths cross with that of the school idol, Yuki Yanamoto, who also happens to be in his class...

Tropes used in Hitomi include:
  • A Date with Rosie Palms -- Takahiro catches his classmate, his stepsister, and his stepmother "in the act." Of course One Thing Led to Another...
  • Break the Cutie -- Hitomi's route. Depending on your choices you can either help her get better (after breaking her yourself, that is) or more or less drive her permanently insane.
  • Brother-Sister Incest -- Averted, as Takahiro and Hitomi are Not Blood Siblings. He's initally bothered at first, as if they were, though.
  • But Thou Must! -- There are several instances of this. One example early in the game is the choice of whether to take Hitomi to an expensive french restaurant or a family restaurant. If you choose the french restaurant, Takahiro will go to the family restaurant anyway due to its lower price.
  • Butt Monkey -- A non-comedic example with Hitomi. In her own route she's made into her step brother's sex toy, and in the others she's either bullied into threesomes or, at best, Demoted to Extra.
  • Caught with Your Pants Down -- You can catch all the love interests this way. And then you can help them out a little.
  • Downer Ending -- Tends to happen if one is not careful in going after Hitomi's and Yoko's scenes.
    • All of Yoko's endings qualify for this.
  • Dysfunction Junction -- Loners Are Freaks is in full force here and everybody is stated to be or is implied to be a loner to a greater or lesser degree.
  • Gag Boobs -- All the heroines are pretty well endowed, Hitomi especially considering her noticeably shorter stature relative to the others.
  • Guide Dang It -- This game tries to avert this by showing you an ingame "route split" chart.
    • Though it ends up being overkill as the game isn't terribly complex.
  • Happiness in Slavery -- Not quite averted with Hitomi's route, but that's the general idea since nothing good can come out of it unless Takahiro stops. She's willing to put up with his abuse if he continues to love her, but clearly wants it to be like the Golden Ending.
  • H-Game POV Character - Takahiro starts as a Type II B.
  • Hot Mom -- Yoko.
  • Karma Houdini -- Takahiro if he gets Hitomi's good ending. See Crosses the Line Twice above.
  • Les Yay -- Yuki with Hitomi.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac -- Yuki.
  • Mother-Daughter Threesome -- Yoko forces Hitomi into a threesome with her and Takahiro if Hitomi catches him and Yoko on the couch.
  • Naughty Under the Table -- In Hitomi's route, Takahiro does this to her. In Yuki's route, she does this to Takahiro.
  • Parental Incest -- Yoko and Hitomi.
  • Plot With Porn -- It's no Kana: Little Sister, but the characterizations are decent.
  • Rape Is Love -- Hitomi's good end.
  • Stepford Smiler -- Yoko.
  • Tenchi Solution -- Yuki suggests they (meaning her, Takahiro and Hitomi) move to a country where bigamy is allowed. Takahiro is shocked to discover that Hitomi is all for it too, but he gets better.
  • Triang Relations -- a type 8 with Takahiro, his eventual girlfriend Yuki and Hitomi; a darker, unhealthy one with Takahiro, Yoko and Hitomi.
  • Video Game Caring Potential -- Takahiro can actually get Yoko and Hitomi to repair their mother-daughter relationship - if you take the proper route splits.
    • This game also fairly obviously tries to make you feel good for winding up with Yuki (minus Hitomi), and the game is noticably at it's lighest if you follow this path.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential -- There are path splits the player can take to make Hitomi even more of Broken Bird than she was prior to the story.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment -- Pick the wrong choice at the end of Hitomi's route, and, well, she's not the only one who suffers. Arguably all of Yoko's ends count.
  • Yandere -- Yoko. The page creator thinks she should receive the nickname "Kitchen Knife Yoko."
    • Takahiro comes off like a male Yandere in Hitomi's route too. Seeing Hitomi enjoying herself when Yuki's around just makes him abuse her even more.
  • You Bastard -- Choosing the dark options will tend to make you feel like a total asshole.
    • Not to mention that the game does a pretty good job of conveying the guilt, paranoia, and loneliness Takahiro experiences after raping Hitomi (at least initially). I hope it was worth it!
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