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Time travel is possible and has happened countless times.

Wait. Okay. So...if time is relative, and everything that happens is only happening now, that would mean if time travel were possible and you were a time traveler, you would have all ready gone back in time and accomplished or failed your task, essentially creating an automatic Stable Time Loop, which means that the act of traveling through time is a pointless venture that will always lead you back to where you started.

  • On a similar note, things have been changed many times, but since they were actually changed, nobody remembers anything different because nothing different ever did happen in any extant time-line.

The Axis are supposed to win WWII

Have you noticed that any attempt to change the past lets Germany win? It's because the time stream is trying to snap back to its proper shape. Someone managed to use a time machine to let the Allies win in our past. == Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act really exists == In the future working time travel does exist. As strange as it seems to us right now this is the best timeline available. For the better future, and maybe present, all the bad events such as WWII as we know it, 9-11, Cher have to had occured.

Someone DID travel back in time, and ensured that World War Two ended (in Europe) as early as May 8th, 1945.

In the original timeline, the war lasted much, much longer. And ours is not the original timeline.

WWII happend to show that Nazizm is not cool

The WWII was needed to show that nazizm is not cool, which was one of thought before WWII. Even during war some antisemits had Heel Face Turn and save jews risking and giving live in process. Germany was at this point rather weak country so it allowed to discredit the idea on "small" and temporary scale. Otherwise the countries would divide on 2 totallitarian camps instead of on state-liberal-democracy and state-communists. In such way the time travelers ensured that nazizm will not become problem ever again (they did even supply Hitler at the beginning with inteligent data and materials at the beginning).

Hitler is a fixed point in time.

This is why he can never be removed from history.Whenever someone tries,they either get eaten by a clockroache or the cosmos retgones the time travel attempt.Probably because Hitler is related to the Time Lords

  • Fixed point in the timeline? Yes. Related to the Time Lords? no. Think about the developments that happened as a result of that war, and you'd agree he's gotta be such a point.

Hitler was placed in his position by Time Travelers.

Any other human would make the Nazis win.

There would have been someone worse.

1. He was one of many disillusioned war-torn veterans of Europe looking for a scapegoat, as noted in how quickly nearly all of Germany followed him. It wouldn't have been much harder to find someone worse.

2. He was a military moron. If there were someone in charge during his time who knew effective military tactics, he would've done much more damage to Europe than Hitler ever did.

3. Joseph Stalin. Seriously, this guy was pretty horrible in his own little ways, and if it weren't for a war on Germany weakening the nation, I'm sure he would've taken much more than just half of Europe.

4. Too damn lucky. Have you seen how many times this guy's been on a group's hit list? He's been the target of tons of assassination plots and has escaped every one, to my knowledge, without a scratch. Besides, there's the whole, being a runner in WWI thing.

5. It would've just made everything worse. It took WWII to get the US out of a state of depression lasting 15 years, Hitler (completely unintentionally) got the US to give more racial equality, and Europe and Japan wouldn't have the technology they have now, since most of their factories were destroyed and they wouldn't have been crazy enough to try new things (neither happened to the US, which is why its cars suck).

    • 1. If you look at the history of the Nazi party, it is pretty clear that few if any of them had the popularity of Hitler, or were seen to be as useful to a number of powerful factions. The party probably would not have taken off without him and even if it had, the initiative for the Holocause came from Hitler and even Himmler, te guy who actually orchestrated it, seemed to think this was a bit extreme (obviously not to the point of stopping it). Even if you could find people worse, that doesn't mean that those people would have come to power.
    • 2. World War Two came about because Hitler wanted a war, more than even most Nazi's who despite all their ideology and rhetoric tended to be a bit more realistic. He wasn't a military moron but a "gifted amateur" who let his pride and his greed get the better of him and started surrounding himself with "yes men", but not all of his decisions were terrible and his intiative is what led to a lot of German victories early in the war (I stress his initiative; back then the tactics of the war came from more experienced military officers he still listened to). Without him there either would have been no war, or it wouldn't have been fought on such a scale.
    • 3. Stalin's Russia was a military joke- Stalin thought calvary was still relevant on the battlefield, and his Commisar for Artillery once mocked the idea that they would ever need artillery. Their air force was a shambles, and Stalin had recently purged his officer corps which even Hitler thought was insane and left their military crippled. Stalin preffered politics and subterfuge to get what he wanted and only resorted to military options when he was forced to or was assured of victory (or thought he was assured of victory). Both Germany and Russia invaded Poland in 1939, but Germany had a much easier time of it despite invading first, and Soviet Russia had a very poor track record when it came to winning wars. Stalin didn't want to start a war; he wanted the rest of Europe to fight each other for him, which is why he wanted Hitler in power in the first place- though Nazi Germany proved to be far more dangerous than he imagined and nearly cost him everything.
    • 4. Most of those hits failed because they were called off or the assassins felt they couldn't go through with it; thats the main reason they failed. As for being a runner, there were Battlion runners and Regiment runners in World War 1- Hitler was a Regimental runner, and is just mistaken for a Battalion runner by many people. Regimental runners had a far less dangerous time as they carried orders from the back lines to the front and vice-versa, and thus were harder to be targeted; Battalion runners ran from one part of the frot line to the other and were targeted all the time, and Hitler's rep for being a runner rests on the misconception that he was a Battalion runner, who had a high mortality rate. None of the Regimental runners in Hitler's regiment were killed in World War 1, and he spent much of his time safe in regimental headquarters, sitting around reading or drawing / painting, sometimes for days on end awaiting orders. It was still dangerous, but much less so than most other jobs he could have got.
    • 5. Most of those things would still have happened or were already starting to happen; at best, World War Two accelerated the process. The Depression had already started to end by the time Hitler came to power nevermind by the time he started waging global war, and neither it nor the other developments really compare to the damage caused by the most brutal war in world history or the most notorious genocide. There were several factors involved in racial equality or the emergence of new factories, and neither of those things really took off until 15-20 years after the war ended. Black soldiers being treated like human beings in Europe encouraged them in the long run, but that doesn't mean the Civil Rights movement depended on something like that or wouldn't have happened otherwise- it has much deeper roots than that.

Hitler's life is a grand time-space battlefield.

This somewhat follows the last two WMGs. Think about how many people want to go back in time to kill Hitler, and in turn how many people want to go back in time to prevent the Kennedy Assassination, and that both of these are decidedly stuck in the land of the Time Travel Exemption Act.

Hitler had a LOT of weird, bizzare coincidences that left him totally unscathed. Who's to say that there's not an equal amount of time travellers working to SAVE Hitler in history, leaving the whole result as an unusually coincidental zero-sum game? Maybe there is somebody worse behind him, and the people trying to save him are taking the lesser of two evils? There's no way to prevent the war as a whole, after all, short of completely obliterating all of Europe plus China, Japan, and the USA.

  • Well, if we convince Prussia not to demand reparations from France during the Franco-Prussian War, then that could prevent the chain of events that lead to Germany being so bad in the 30's. And I recall something about a power struggle between the traditional Hirohito and someone with a more modernist view. We could help out the other guy. If we're talking about time travel nothing is to small.

The above troper isn't going higher enough: the entire 19th-20th century is under a grand Temporal War.

Remember: the last 200 years have been some of the most diverse. The war is centered around this time because it was the last 200 years that brought forth this current age in technology and social life-style. It's full of various parties: average joes wanting to Set Right What Once Went Wrong(in their eyes), Neo-Nazis trying to cause Britian to fall and help their furher, people loyal to the Soviet Union trying to use Stalin to ensure it remains, the Time Police people messing up time for kicks, and people trying to help the world's terrible tyrants because evil helps evil ensure the victory of evil and destruction of good! All these parties are, ironically, always trying to stop the other changing history in their favour, prevent too much change. Who knows, given time travel, if the sheer chaos of this war attributed to the factors that led up to World War I and II in the first place?

Hitler is a Time Lord.

This is why time travelling can never kill him-because he knows all the tricks, and sure as hell ain't letting anyone kill him. It would also explain why the Doctor has never gotten around to killing him. Who his previous regenerations were, I've got no idea.

Time travel will never be possible.

Or if it will become possible to travel back in time, it will necessarily involve divergent time lines. Because otherwise that comic would have happened. Some time travellers would have tried to kill Hitler, that's to be assumed.

Hitler does get killed frequently, but due to alternate timelines that eventually cease to exist, the change is never permanent.

Think about it.

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