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Stock Phrase for threatening to hit someone so hard,the damage will spread to his friend, his mom, his hair or even an abstract concept. A frequent variant is "I will hurt you so bad that X"

Often used in tandem with If You Ever Hurt Her, Badass Boast, To the Pain or Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon. Sometimes used as a Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner. Can be literal if there's a Psychic Link involved (doubly so for Twin Telepathy).

If the harm is financial rather than physical—say, Alice is threatening to sue Bob—it may be a more realistic threat like "I'll sue you so hard your grandkids will be in debt."

Not to be confused with Hit So Hard the Calendar Felt It.

Examples of Hit You So Hard Your X Will Feel It include:


  • An American Football videogame (probably Blitz) featured an intercut between a little old lady shopping grocery store and 2 players on the field. When one player tackles the other, the old lady is sent flying into a display with the tagline "The game with hits so hard, your mamma's mamma will feel it."


  • The inexorable Street Fighter movie, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme hamming it up as Guile.

 Guile: Well, I'm not going to go home. I'm gonna get on my boat, I'm gonna go up river and I'm gonna kick that sonovabitch Bison's ass so HARD! That the next Bison wannabe, is gonna feel it!

  • Tank Girl. While fighting Kesslee, Tank Girl says (in a voice like Muhammad Ali):

 I'm gonna hit you so hard, your children will be born bruised.

  • In Multiplicity, Doug issues the following threat to Doug #2 in front of Doug #3:

  I'll hit you so hard I'll kill him!

  • The Faculty: Mild-mannered teacher Ms. Burke, after she's been infected with the alien parasite, drops this bomb on Zeke:

  I'm sick of you, little boy! And if I have to see you peddling your little Wonder Dust again, I'm gonna shove my foot so far up your ass, you'll be sucking my toes 'till graduation!


 I will kill you so hard, your last ten victims will make miraculous recoveries.

  • Literal but unspoken example: At the end of the Discworld book Mort, the title character ends up in a duel with Death during which he receives a slap to the face that leaves a permanent mark. When Mort's daughter Susan is introduced in Soul Music, she has an identical mark. Death really did hit Mort so hard his child felt it.

Live Action TV

  • Kelly from Misfits is repeatedly accused of being a Chav and she eventually responds to this by screaming at another girl:

 "If you call me that one more time. I'll kick you so hard in the c*nt your mum will feel it!"

  • In the first episode of Leverage, the nascent team gets played by the villain, and Elliot threatens "I'm gonna hurt him so bad even people who look like him are gonna bleed."
  • A variant from Law and Order, after McCoy has charged his old friend with a crime: "Once I get this dismissed I'll hit you with so many lawsuits your grandkids will be answering motions."


 Trevor Belmont: I am gonna whip (whip crack) you (whip crack) so hard your mom will feel it!

Newspaper Comics

  • Alice does this several times in Dilbert, including once when she punished the MBA-degree economists she blames for the recession by punching one of them so hard it would hurt everyone who has the same degree.

Professional Wrestling

  • During his 2/14/11 comeback promo, The Rock was interrupted by Michael Cole and the "anonymous" Raw general manager. Needless to say, The Rock did not take that too well.

  The Rock: Michael Cole, if you take one more step towards that computer, The Rock will get out of this ring and slap the taste so far out of your mouth you'll never get it back.

Video Games

 "You hit that Orc so hard, even her mother in Orsinium started bleeding!"

 "I'll kick yer sorry arse so hard you'll kiss the moons!"


 "I will put you on the ground so hard, even your brylcream [sic] will feel it."

Web Original

 "Rory once punched the Eleventh Doctor. The First Doctor felt it."

 "I'll beat you so bad they'll feel it in the next generation!

Western Animation

  • In Mulan, Mulan gets off on the wrong foot with her army comrade Yao:

 Yao: I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy.

 Hornet: I sting you so hard your great-grandchildren say ouch!

 Cindy: I'll hit you so hard in the mouth it will wake up your dentist!

 Stella: I'm gonna gas you so hard, your grandchildren will stink!

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