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"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."
Tyler Durden, Fight Club

For whatever reason, one character has to convince another to try to strike him. Perhaps it is in order to show the avoidance skills of the hittee, to teach the hitter how to hit, or to intentionally hurt the hittee. Occasionally, it's to make up for the hittee previously attacking the hitter. One common use is when the hittee is an Action Girl, and the hitter Wouldn't Hit a Girl. Standing close together, the hittee taunts the hitter with ever-escalating demands of "Hit me, dammit!", countered with demurrings of "I can't/won't!"

This continues for several volleys until the hitter strikes the hittee. If it's for comic effect, the hittee is actually surprised and may be knocked out. He may deliver a line of surprise such as, "You hit me!"

Sometimes crosses over with My Fist Forgives You or with Self-Mutilation Demonstration ('cause you might ask someone else).

Examples of Hit Me Dammit include:

Anime & Manga

  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Touji tells Shinji to hit him as a "macho" way of apologizing. (The manga adaptation subverts the trope, with Shinji deciding it'd be more interesting to have Touji owe him one instead.)
  • Vegeta tries to get Krillin to strike him with an energy bolt in the Frieza Arc of Dragon Ball Z in a last-ditch attempt to raise his power. Krillin's reluctance, however, is more from paralyzing fear of Vegeta than anything else. (It may be worth mentioning that Krillin would never have been able to hurt Vegeta normally. Canonically, in DBZ, you actually need to concentrate to be Made of Iron.)
    • Much earlier, in Dragon Ball, Kami blocked a punch from Piccolo, and after convincing Kami to stay out of his fight, Goku said he owed Piccolo a punch for the one Kami blocked and took one in the face that sent him flying halfway through a concrete wall. Head first. His response? "Good thing they put a wall there." Of course, it they hadn't, he would have landed out of bounds and lost, but still....
  • In Ranma One Half, Shampoo would only reverse the Laser-Guided Amnesia she gave Akane if male-Ranma would kill girl-Ranma. At the time Shampoo thought girl-Ranma to be a separate person and was honor-bound to kill her. He bargains her down to "half-kill" and he begs for Ryoga (who doesn't want Akane regaining her memory) to half-kill him. After he then goes to insults, they fight and Ranma accidentally knocks Ryoga out, but luckily Soun and Genma are happy to fill in. Actually, Soun is so touched that he cries, congratulates Ranma for wanting to help Akane and beats the shit out of him while yelling "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
    • When Ryoga and Ranma subject Akane to a Traumatic Haircut in the middle of their first big fight, they tell her to punch them. She does. Hard. (This is a girl who can shatter cinder blocks with her bare hands.)
  • Mai-Otome Zwei uses this in its fourth episode. Arika and Mashiro, after having a petty argument and separated for a while in the first episode, Mashiro asks Arika to hit her, then returns the favor, telling her that when one of them gets stubborn, the other should hit her.
  • After an episode of Digimon Adventure where he had mostly been a total ass, Tai offered Izzy, who had been the main target of Tai's aggression, a free shot as a way of apologizing. Izzy shook his head and explained that he understood what Tai was going through and that there was no need for violence, leading to Izzy's not-so-forgiving companions offering to do it for him.

 Agumon: Can I hit ya then?

Tentomon: I wouldn't mind a whack, myself...

  • In Endless Waltz, The Movie of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Heero pulls this with Duo as enemy soldiers close in - and then KOs Duo immediately afterwards. Heero's rationale? "One for one - now we're even." This little trick allows both of them to escape individually when they would likely not have been able to do so otherwise.
    • In the TV series, after being tricked into killing a plane full of world leaders, he gets a pistol and seeks out every single member of all their families... and offers them the chance to shoot him. They all end of forgiving him instead.
    • Reversed in the very beginning. Since Relena saw him first engage in his mission, he very ominously tells her, "I will kill you." Several times, she ends up with his gun pointed at her. By episode 6, however, she defies him to shoot...and he can't. He agonizes over why.
  • In Soul Eater, Maka asks Black☆Star to hit her to make things even between them. In this example, he's not particularly hesitant, but asks if she's sure all the same. She asks him to give it all he's got and despite the fact that he agrees, everyone expects him to go easy on her. But he ends up punching her so hard in the face she goes flying into a pile of garbage.
  • A line in the English dub of Yu Yu Hakusho has Yusuke asking Keiko to hit him as an apology for his work as Spirit Detective getting her dragged into a potentially fatal situation.
  • in Eyeshield 21, near the end of the Devil Bats' match against the White Knights in the Fall Tournament, Monta asked Sena to slap him and fire him up, since Monta's too worn-out to do it to himself. This is quickly followed by every member of the Devil Bats slapping each other to get pumped up (though some get a little carried away).
  • In The Prince of Tennis, the standard punishment in Rikkaidai is an Armor-Piercing Slap from Not So Stoic sub-captain Sanada. At least two players have specifically told him to bitchslap them in front of everyone. And so does Sanada, in the finals.
  • Parodied in Mahou Sensei Negima when Jack Rakan tells Negi to give him his best shot to see if he's strong enough to be worth training. Negi reluctantly does so, and after a dramatic Smoke Shield moment, Jack coughs up a bunch of blood and smacks Negi into the stratosphere for hitting too hard.
  • Used in Himechan no Ribon - after the fiasco that establishes Sei Arei as a Jerk, Himeko wants Daichi to hit her. He refuses. She forces him.
  • In the early seasons of Pokémon, whenever Misty was forced to use her Psyduck in battle, she would actively encourage her opponents to aim for Psyduck's head (as, though normally ineffectual, it was able to use potent psychic attacks when its headache was strong enough). She once tried this on Ash, but he wasn't having any.
  • Tsubaki, nice-guy protagonist of Mysterious Girlfriend X, insists his girl Urabe give him a nice hard slap to make up for, in a moment of weakness, trying to take advantage of her the previous day. (She does.)
  • Being a Shonen series, Hunter X Hunter is bound to have these, but a notable subversion comes in the Chimaera Ant arc. Morau tells Gon to imagine him as Neferpitou and hit him with the Jajanken as a fake test of determination. This causes Gon to be filled with so much killing intent that it forces Killua to call the whole thing off before things get ugly.
  • Alucard from Hellsing allows his opponents to try to invoke the Chunky Salsa Rule on him before fighting back, because they'll be even more terrified when he does eventually activate his Healing Factor/Lovecraftian Superpower.
  • In Chapter 112 of Bakuman。, Mashiro asks Takagi to punch him as his way of atoning for doubting Takagi in the last few chapters. Takagi eventually relents, but goes easy on Mashiro. This eventually leads to an all-out brawl between the two as a way of "indulging in youth".

Comic Books

  • A fairly extreme version occurred in Runaways, where Nico asked Gert to have her pet raptor bite her, as she has a magical staff that only comes out when she is bleeding. When Gert refused, she stuck her hand in the dinosaur's mouth and told it she was going to choke Gert to death. It bit her.
  • In the Marvel Civil War series, Captain America started beating the living tar out of The Punisher--who simply let it happen. When Cap practically ordered him to fight back, Castle responded: "Not against you."
    • For context: This happened during a flashback of the time the Punisher remembered meeting Cap, but Cap not recalling. Cap didn't remember because at the Time, The Punisher was in combat training, and was just any other grunt. Before he actually became The Punisher.
      • He also didn't remember because it wasn't him, just a guy the military dressed up as Captain America; the original was on ice at the time.
  • Deadpool spent the better part of an issue trying to get Wolverine to stab him. When Wolverine ignores him, he Shoryuken'd Kitty Pryde to get him to do it.
  • The mutant Multiple Man actually needs to be attacked to activate his powers. So he either has to provoke someone, or outright beg to be attacked.
  • In Marvel Zombies, after a group of superhero zombies eat Magneto, Bruce begs someone to hit him so he can turn into the Hulk as a large bone will come out of his stomach otherwise (as the Hulk's stomach is large enough to hold the bone). Thor does whallop him with the hammer fairly quickly, although it doesn't really work.
  • In Usagi Yojimbo, Usagi talks about how he struck his sensei during sparring exercise and began to profusely apologize. However, his sensei waves it off noting that he was waiting for his student to get good enough to connect in a fight.
  • One issue of Nodwick opens with Yeagar trying to get Nodwick to whack him with a mallet. Nodwick only hesitates to confirm that Yeagar is sober and won't be getting back at him for it later, but that's still enough time for Piffany to stumble on them and chastise Nodwick for violence. Yeagar responds to the confusion by grabbing the mallet, and clubbing himself. The reason? So he can show off his new favorite swear word, "Krutz!"
  • A more gruesome version occurs at the end of Watchmen, where Rorschach eggs Dr. Manhattan on to murder him to maintain The Masquerade.
    • Also, when Laurie and Daniel (two retired costumed heroes) reminisce about past supervillians, they talk about a crazy wacko named Captain Carnage who seemed to commit crimes solely so he could be physically beaten by heroes. He encouraged this, until he pulled it on Rorshach and was thrown down an elevator shaft for his troubles. This causes Dan and Laurie to crack up, and then stop as they unconvincingly agree that it's really not funny.


  • Glory has a scene early on when Sergeant Mulcahy is teaching the troops the proper use of a bayonet. He singles out the rather bad soldier, Thomas and tells him to stab him. After some hesitation, he makes two attempts, the blows turned away each time ("I said stab, not tickle!"). The third time, after the sergeant delivers a rant specifically designed to provoke the poor kid ("You're the worst soldier in this whole company, now hit me!"), he finally gives it his all - and the drill sergeant gives him a lesson in hand-to-hand that he never forgets (seriously).
  • Fight Club: "I want you to hit me as hard as you can!"
  • Another Edward Norton movie Twenty Fifth Hour, where Norton's character has his best friend hit him so that he won't look too attractive in prison, where he is going.
  • Dragonheart: Draco (voiced by Sean Connery) begs the hero to strike him in order to kill him, as this will kill the villain as well.

 Draco: Then as my friend, strike please!!

  • Hellboy, when Liz Sherman needs to get her flame on.

 Liz: You should be running.

 Sarge: Cooper, knock me out! Hit me!

Cooper smacks Sarge in the head.

Sarge (not missing a beat): I said knock me out, you f** kin' pussy!

Cooper punches him again, and Sarge immediately goes limp. Megan and Cooper look at each other, then shrug and go back to stitching Sarge up.

    • Sean Pertwee was actually drunk for this scene; the first punch was a stage punch, the second was an actual punch that actually did drop him. That little pause after it connects is everyone wondering if he's alright...
  • In Ghost Dog: The Way of The Samurai, Louie, believing that Ghost Dog's actions have doomed him to being killed by his own Crime Family, tells Ghost Dog to just shoot him and get it over with. After Ghost Dog initially refuses, Louie just demands it again and louder so Ghost Dog shoots Louie in the shoulder, then justifies it after the fact by saying that Louie will now have a cover story and can claim that Ghost Dog attacked him. This buys Ghost Dog and Louie just enough time for Ghost Dog to wipe out the entire crime family.
  • Jake La Motta makes his brother hit him early on in Raging Bull.
  • Variation in The Dark Knight Saga. Batman is bearing down on the Joker in the Batpod, and the Joker simply stands there, shooting any vehicle that gets in the way, and muttering (eventually shouting) "Come on. Hit me." in order to test Batman's resolve. Naturally he is unable to run down the defenseless Joker and swerves to the side at the last second and crashes. The Joker simply turns around, mildly amused, before advancing on the disabled Batman.
    • Actually, if you listen very closely, and watch his lips, when he turns around, he very quietly mutters the word "Fuck," to himself. It's so hard to notice that the censors apparently didn't hear it.
  • Force 10 From Navarone. Maritza demands that Barnsby hit her to make it appear that he and Mallory attacked her and got away. Barnsby apologizes and hits her weakly. She berates him and orders him to hit her harder. Mallory suddenly punches her hard and knocks her out.
    • Amusingly, that last hit was real. The actress was actually knocked unconscious, which delayed the filming of the next scene until she woke up.
  • Lisa Edelstein and Ben Stiller's characters have this conversation in Keeping the Faith. She wants to prove her abs can take it. They can't.
  • Spoofed in Freddys Dead the Final Nightmare. Believing one character to be in danger from Freddy, another character asks the Tomboy of the group to knock him out so he can go into the dream world to help. She tries to tell him another way, but impatient, he punches her and she lays him out. A few seconds later, she joins him in the dream world. What she was trying to tell him was that she knew a technique that would allow them to put themselves in a trance and induce sleep.
  • In the John Woo film Once a Thief, the father figure of the family of thieves, a cop, closes his eyes and begs them to punch him out so he won't have to arrest them. The two brothers argue about who should do it, but while they're talking they walk away, leaving the cop unharmed.
  • A variant occurs in Watchmen, where Nite Owl II doesn't feel particularly heroic beating up Ozymandias who isn't fighting back anymore.
    • Subverted after The Comedian almost rapes Sally Jupiter. Hooded justice is beating The comedian down, while the Comedian taunts him with allegations of sadomasochistic homosexuality. Hooded Justice stops when he says The Comedian "Isn't worth it"
  • Masochist Isabella Rossellini repeatedly demands that wholesome boy-next-door Kyle McLachlan hit her in Blue Velvet. Eventually, he does, and it kinda destroys a piece of his soul.
  • In the 1954 version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Ned Land demands that Conseil punch him in payback for an incident where he hit him earlier. He even sticks out his chin so Conseil will have a good target to hit. Conseil promptly punches him in the gut.
  • In Rocky III, Rocky taunts Clubber Lang into hitting him repeatedly during the match to get Lang angry so he would lose control. Of course, unlike a real boxer, Rocky is Made of Iron, so it works and he wins.
    • Note that the Rocky fight is based on a real bout. Muhammad Ali suspected that stamina was a weakness for George Foreman, so in their 1974 bout Ali taunted Foreman, blocked most of Foreman's blows, then taunted him some more. Foreman tired quickly, and Ali knocked Big George out for the only time in Foreman's career. Similarly, Rocky is trying to defend against all of Clubber's big punches, although just like with Ali-Foreman, some get through.
  • Played disturbingly straight in Closer when Alice and Dan are breaking up and she tells him she slept with Larry. She ends up spitting in his face, and when he raises his hand to her, she says "Go on, hit me. It's what you want. Come on, hit me, fucker!" He does.
  • Not exactly "hit me" in the sense of punching, but in Looney Tunes Back in Action, Yosemite Sam and D.J. Drake are playing blackjack at a casino. Yosemite Sam keeps pestering the dealer (Foghorn Leghorn) to "hit me" (play a card) -- and gets a sock in the face because it's not his turn.
  • In Police Academy, Tackleberry wants Barbara to hit him in the gut. Barbara doesn't want to do it. When finally egged on by Tackleberry, he slaps him on the face.
  • In The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise's character is a US Army officer who has been assigned to train Japanese soldiers. In one scene, he repeatedly fires very close to a Japanese soldier, all while yelling at the soldier to shoot him (he doesn't actually expect to get shot, he's doing it to prove the Japanese aren't ready to perform under fire).
  • In Dogma, Azrael dares Silent Bob to hit him with a golf club. He is surprised that it defeated a demon. It turns out the golf club was a Holy Hand Grenade since the cardinal blessed it to get a better game.


  • Perhaps the original is from The Man Who Was Thursday, by GK Chesterton. A police infiltrator to an anarchic society whose members are named after the days of the week (hence the title) has challenged Wednesday to a duel by threatening to pull his nose. At the end of the duel, Wednesday (for reasons unrelated to Thursday's superior skill) attempts to escape and still salvage some honor by demanding that Thursday complete his threat. The nose comes completely off, revealing that Wednesday is disguised.
  • An amusing variant in the Djinn series. One stuffy british man is trying to convince another stuffy british man to punch him, causing lots of "but that's just not fair play!" The local Tsundere rolls her eyes, says "for God's sakes," hauls off, and punches him across the face.
  • In Isaac Asimov's short story "Evidence!", a politician is the victim of a rumor campaign that claims that he's actually a robot that was built to look like a human. Because robots can't hurt humans, the politician is eventually challenged to hit someone in order to prove he's human. He does, which disproves the rumor and guarantees him the election. However, the story suggests that there is still a possibility that the rumor was true - the man that was struck could have been a second disguised robot!
  • Yukio from Eric van Lustbader's The Ninja asks the protagonist to "Hit me, darling!" during a Shower of Love...because she can't climax until he does.
  • In Unseen Academicals, Trev asks Nutt to give him a playful punch in the arm. When Nutt does, and Trev says the punch was too weak, Nutt's "real" punch nearly knocks Trev over.
  • Used in Sharpe's Tiger when Sharpe and Lawford go undercover Mary asks Sharpe to hit her so that if they're captured she wont get raped because she would look less hot.
  • In The Princess Bride, five-year-old Fezzik's father has a hard time teaching him to defend himself. But when Fezzik finally does hit him, he breaks his jaw.

Live Action TV

  • In the Xena: Warrior Princess episode, "Coming Home", (Season 6, Episode 1) there's a particularly brutal (and literal!) fight to restore Ares' sanity that invokes this. Also a few between Xena and Gabrielle in other episodes...
  • In a fifth-season Babylon 5 episode, Byron managed to actually be somewhat cool by taunting a bullying lurker to punch him in the face. The lurker obliges, so Byron asks him to hit him again. And again.

  Byron: Was one the same as two? Was two the same as three? No? Then what do you expect to get out of four, five, and six that you didn't get from one, two, and three? Your pain has nothing to do with me. What will ease your pain can never come from me, or any of my people.

  • A dramatic version of this trope occurs in the two-part Season 3 Finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Faith shoots Angel with a poisoned arrow, that can only be cured by drinking the blood of a slayer. After failing to capture Faith, Buffy tries to get Angel to drink from her. Angel refuses, so Buffy punches him until he vamps out and bites her.
    • After being caught cheating with a vampire prostitute, Riley Finn asks Buffy to take a swing, wanting to feel any strong emotion from her. Buffy just walks out the door.
  • In the Angel episode "Billy" Gunn tells Fred to knock him out so he doesn't hurt her while he's under a magical Hate Plague. It takes a couple of tries.
  • Seen on Cheers when Carla hires a tutor for her kids.
  • Friends, when Joey wants Ross to forgive him for the proposal fiasco. Ross is reluctant at first, but after much goading from Joey he finally swings... and Joey instinctively ducks, causing Ross to punch a metal pole. Joey tries to explain that "when you see a fist coming at you, you duck!" and ends up punching Ross in the face.
    • In the final scene he tries to demonstrate this by swinging at Chandler, who ducks, causing him to hit Ross again!
  • Threes Company when Jack's blind old Navy buddy visits.
  • Slightly subverted in Stargate Atlantis where Dr. McKay asks another character to hit him to test his personal shield. The other character immediately obliges, causing McKay to comment unhappily that he didn't even hesitate.
    • Similarly, on Stargate SG-1 an Intangible Man Cameron Mitchell suggests Teal'c take a swing at him to demonstrate that he can't be hurt; Teal'c does so before Cam's even finished the sentence.
  • Used on Monty Python's Flying Circus in the "Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit" sketch. The instructor would encourage his students to attack him with fruit, so that he could demonstrate the proper method of self-defense. Unfortunately for the students, it always involved a fatal counterattack with a pistol, a falling weight, or the release of a man-eating tiger.
  • In the Star Trek the Original Series episode "A Private Little War", Spock goes into a Vulcan healing trance after being shot. As he begins to come out of it, he asks Nurse Chapel to strike him to help him fully regain consciousness.

 Q: You hit me... Picard never hit me.

Sisko: I'm not Picard!

Q: Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke. How fortunate for me.

    • Star Trek Voyager: The EMH asks Tom to hit him. Of course, Tom's fist goes straight through.
      • This was after the EMH successfully slapped Tom. This was done so the EMH could demonstrate a point - that the holographic tech in play can adjust its density from solid (EMH slaps Tom with a solid hand) to intangible (Tom's failed counterattack), with any point in between - needed for a medical plan the EMH had just thought up that Tom couldn't wrap his head around.
  • NCIS -- on one occasion, after punching McGee for wasting Gibbs' time, Abby repeatedly tells him to hit her back so they'll be even, but he keeps refusing until she insults him. The other occasion was where Tony, after working out a lot, tells Ziva to hit him to test his new abs, as hard as she can. She pretends to to scare him (which it does).
  • During an argument in a second-season episode of Supernatural, Dean punches Sam. At the end of the episode, Dean offers this to Sam:

 Dean: Sam.

Sam: Yeah?

Dean: Clock me one.

Sam: What?

Dean: Come on. I won't even hit you back. Let's go.

Sam: No.

Dean: Let's go. You get a freebie. Hit me. Come on.

Sam: You look like you just went 12 rounds with a block of cement, Dean. I'll take a rain check.

    • it also happens in the season 4 episode Death Takes a Holiday; when the little boy asks Dean to hit him as hard as he can, in order to teach the boys how to fight while they're ghosts.
  • Taxi - Jim starts dating Tony's sister; Tony breaks it up. Later he tells Jim he understands if he's sore and invites him to "lay one one me" pointing to his face. Jim declines, Tony insists, so finally Jim shrugs and kisses him.
  • Skins - Season 3. In the episode "Effy" when the group go camping Effy shouts at Freddy to hit her when high on recently harvested shrooms. He doesn't. instead he does the opposite and kisses her, prompting their first night together.
  • Sherlock - In Scandal in Belgravia, this exchange occurs.

 Sherlock: Punch me in the face.

John: What?

Sherlock: Punch me in the face. Did you not hear me?

John: I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're talking, but it's usually subtext.

Professional Wrestling


  • In 1st Kings, a prophet of God needs to be beaten and bruised in order to deliver the message God had for King Ahab (It makes sense in context).

Video Games

  • In the canonical ending of Drakengard, the Big Bad Manah begs Caim to kill her. Caim refrains, thinking up a more suitable punishment.
  • In Persona 4, the last event to max out Yosuke's Social Link is pretty much this.
  • Sort of done in Halo 3. The scene where Miranda Keyes has just crashed a Pelican through Truth's tower on the Ark. Johnson tells her that she has to shoot him, then herself in order to stop Truth from using either of them to activate the rings. She aims at him for a moment, hesitating, then lowering her gun. Johnson responds by reiterating his point with a "Now!", to which she responds by aiming at him again, but still not shooting... Of course, her hesitance earns her seven Spiker rounds to the back and a chastising monologue from the Prophet, who then proceeds to use Johnson to activate the rings. Nice Job Being Merciful And Compassionate Hero.
  • Done in Metal Gear Solid, in the fight against Gray Fox. "Hurt me more, Snake..."
  • Sword Of Jade: As part of extreme training, used against Johan.
  • After a joking attempt to feel up Shannon gets a little too close to reality for his comfort in Legend of the Golden Witch, Battler starts begging for somebody to beat him senseless before anything actually happens (and thanks Jessica when she elbows him in the head). After the fact, Battler insists that Shannon has the right to smack him if he gets within 10cm of her breasts -- and the obligation to if he gets within 2cm.

Web Comics

  • In Dan and Mabs Furry Adventures, Wildy demanded that Jyrras punch her after she published a book which made him look... Well, you'd know if you read the webcomic.
  • The Order of the Stick's "Monster in the Darkness" does this here to some lantern archons in an attempt to finally escape the darkness he lives in.

Web Original

  • In a more lethal instance, Wade Wilson of Survival of the Fittest tells Edward Sullivan to shoot him. Edward, seeking vengeance against Wade for killing a girl he had a crush on, is all too happy to oblige.
  • In episode 100 of Red vs. Blue, while in Caboose's mind, Church needs to be killed so that he can leave:

 Church: Quick, somebody kill me. Quick, somebody, anybody, please, just kill me!

Simmons: Why?

Church: Because I need to get out of here. Come on, please, hurry, just kill me, please, hurry it'll be fun, i'm a dick. Please just fucking kill me!

Simmons: But none of our guns work. We just have them for show.

Donut: Mine is just a purse.

Church: Ugh! You know never mind. * Kills himself with grenades*

Western Animation

  • Seen on Ed, Edd n Eddy, in the episode "Cry Ed". After failing to win sympathy through feigned injury, Eddy decides to get injured for real, and tries to get Edd to punch him in the face. Completely ignoring much protest from Edd, Ed decides to save him the trouble and literally drops a house on Eddy.
  • One well-known scene from the Family Guy movie features Stewie attempting to convince Brian to hit him so he can get money for a plane ticket from the tooth fairy:

 Stewie: Brian, hit me in the mouth!

Brian: What? Why?

Stewie: I hear this tooth fairy gives you money for your teeth. Well, have at it!

Brian: Uh, okay. (raises his fist)

Stewie (flinching): No, no, no, don't, stop stop... Why did you stop? I said hit me!

Brian: You flinched.

Stewie: Well of course I flinched, you were going to hit me!

Brian: Well, make up your mind! What do you want me to do?

Stewie: Hit me!... Ah, no no no don't!

Brian: (sighs)

Stewie: I'm sorry, look, I know I'm being hard to read--

(Brian punches Stewie, knocking him out. He then realises what he's done, looks around, and backs out of the room.)

  • In the Camp Lazlo episode 'Valentine's Day', Patsy's father is trying to find out which Bean Scout Patsy likes by having her beat them all up, since she won't beat up the one she likes. That way, he can do something infinitely worse to him. As fate would have it, Patsy can't bring herself to beat up Lazlo, who begs her to beat him up out of fear of her father.
  • In the South Park episode "Damien", Satan fights Jesus Christ in a boxing match. Since Satan is almost 200 pounds heavier, two heads taller, and in a lot better shape than Jesus, everyone in the town has bet on Satan to win. The Prince of Darkness, despite winning for most of the match, kept taunting Jesus "Come on, hit me, you wuss!".
    • And hit him he did. KO'd with just one punch, much to everyone's shock. Of course, it all was just Satan's Evil Plan to fool everyone in town and returning to Hell even richer.
  • In Around the World with Willy Fog, when Inspector Dix finds out that he imprisoned Fog under a false accusation and caused him to lose his bet, he is overcome by guilt and asks his put-upon sidekick Bully to punch him. Bully hits him twice--once for Mr. Fog, and once for himself.
  • In the season four premiere of The Venture Brothers, Sgt. Hatred demanded that Hank shoot him. He did (after missing several times), and Hatred took it without a flinch.
  • Coach Buzzcut proclaims that Beavis and Butthead are weak.

 Buzzcut: You wanna see a MAN, boy?

* stands with his legs spread out*

Buzzcut: Kick me in the Jimmy!

    • Another episode had Butt-Head ask Beavis to hit him so he could see that hot chick in the nurse's office again. He agreed to hit Beavis to so he could also see her. It didn't go over as well as planned.
    • One Radiohead video had Beavis wanting Butthead to hit him to remember someone's name. Once he does, he is able to remember. However, once Butthead says he should hit him more often, Beavis forgets what had happened and kicks Butthead in retaliation.
  • In Moral Orel, Clay ends up going into a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech directed at both the people around him and at the world at large in order to get a negative reaction. However they end up just ignoring him. This is shown to be because getting hit was the only way his father would acknowledge him.
  • When Doug talks about a fight he was in, his father tells him that violence is not the answer. Mr. Dink points out that a boy has to protect himself and asks Doug to hit him. Doug reluctantly does so, and with the punch knocks the wind out of him.

Real Life

  • This happens all the time in any martial art that involves sparring. One of the earliest mental blocks many students need to overcome is the conditioned urge not to attack.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson is famous because he used to demand this of one of the team's trainers before every game, as can be seen here.
  • A non-dominant individual who has a submissive or masochistic partner almost has it worse than a dominant with a non-sub partner: most people will put up with a certain amount of non-extreme discomfort to make their partners happy, but it can be extremely difficult to talk your partner into inflicting pain or humiliation on you when they're not into it.
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