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Describe Hit-and-Run Poster here.

No i won't. all the tropes sux lulz. bye. *Is never seen again*

The least dedicated (and least sophisticated) breed of Troll, this poster makes one provocative comment, then leaves, never to be seen again. Perhaps he is watching the Internet Backdraft smugly from afar, but not giving the victims the satisfaction of his response; perhaps he just doesn't care -- the satisfaction of knowing someone is pissed off is thanks enough.

Contrast Drive-By Updater, in which the one-time poster actually makes a positive contribution to the wiki. Related to people who ask a question on fora but never bother to come back for the answer.

Because of the requirements of our Creative Commons license, All The Tropes has disallowed anonymous editing almost from the first, so they are unlikely to appear here -- the whole process of registering and identifying themselves is usually more trouble than a Hit-and-Run Poster cares to go through in order to get his jollies.

The Other Wiki has an article on these.

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