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 It's good to be the king!


History of the World Part One is a 1981 comedy film written, directed and produced by Mel Brooks. He is also part of the main cast if not the main character. Starting out with the Dawn of Man, cavemen discovering fire, cave paintings, and the art critic, the film skips to various 'important' areas of history usually with a unique interpretation of the events. Following this, the film touches on Moses receiving the Fifteen... er, Ten Commandments then takes time to waltz through the Roman Empire and end up at the Last Supper. They then sing and dance during The Spanish Inquisition, though nobody expects it. The French Revolution comes next with Brooks playing King Louis XVI and the piss boy, don't ask, that turns into the Prince and the Pauper though it ends well through a miracle. Before the credits are 'Coming Attractions'.

Fun Fact: The Jews In Space song was later recycled for another Mel Brooks film, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, while the concept itself evolved into Spaceballs. With its Druish Princess.

Tropes used in History of the World, Part I include:
  • Actor Allusion: Unbelievably, this is a plot point. The Count de Money Monet tells King Louis that he looks exactly like the piss boy. Naturally, both characters are played by Mel Brooks himself.
  • Adipose Rex: The Roman Emperor. Check your material carefully before performing at the Palace.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of history in general. The French Revolution section is largely a spoof of A Tale of Two Cities.
    • The Rome section owes a lot to Caligula and even moreso to Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina.
  • All Jews Are Ashkenazi: Sephardi Jews during the Spanish Inquisition musical sequence speak with Yiddish accents with smatterings of Yiddish like "Oy gevalt!"
  • Answer Cut: During the Last Supper.

 Jesus: Yay yay so you say, but one who sits amongst us has already betrayed me this night.

Apostles: Who? Who could it be?

Waiter: JUDAS!

(Judas gasps)

Waiter: Do you want a beverage? Try the malt wine, it's terrific!


 Oedipus: 'Ey, Josephus!

Josephus: 'Ey, motherfucker.

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