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Jesus' typical outfit (the long hair, beard, sandals one. Not the sword in mouth, albino one) and message (at least, parts of it - spread love and peace, leave behind your old life) nowadays makes one think of a hippie. Of course, the connection came the other way round - the hippies followed the model of Jesus (or at least the version they liked).

So or so, nowadays you often see Jesus depicted like this. Not just looking the way, but also acting much like it. Because, even in eras when short haircuts, shaven faces, and fancy suits were the norm, the character was always portrayed "looking like a hippie."

See also: Looks Like Jesus, Jesus Was Way Cool.

Examples of Hippie Jesus include:


  • In Battle Pope, Jesus is a hippie sidekick of the titular character.

Fan Fiction

  • The Good Omens fanfic Manchester Lost has Jesus come in as a 'Southern Hippy'. Jesus is even listed as such in the character list.

Live Action TV

  • Referenced in Red Dwarf, when Rimmer dismisses their "High" selves as hippies.

 Kryten: Sir, you think Jesus was a hippy.

Rimmer: He had long hair and didn't have a job! What more do you want?



  • Jesus Christ Superstar portrayed Christ and the Apostles as hippies.
  • In the stage play turned movie Godspell, Jesus and his followers are usually shown in hippie-ish or clownish (or both) type clothing...
  • One of many fictional Jesus archetypes Hedda and Mammy encounter in Jeff Whitty's play The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler is like this.

Video Games

  • Takaya from Persona 3 Fan Nickname is hippie Jesus because he is said to bear resemblance to him by some people.
  • Not exactly Jesus himself, but quite close - Kunino-sagiri from Persona 4 is seen wearing a stereotypical hippie outfit, complete with the "peace" motif. The messianic resemblances are probably intentional considering his twisted vision of "saving people".

Web Comics

  • Used as a joke in You Damn Kid, when the Kid thinks if Jesus makes his second coming he should get a haircut or they'll think he's one of those damn hippies.
  • In Evil Diva, he runs a coffeehouse.

Western Animation

  • Lucy, Daughter of the Devil has MC Chris, a hippy/DJ second coming.

Real Life

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