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 It's the road less traveled for a reason...

Works where the horror lurks in the realm of rural areas where modern man doesn't belong. Expect inbreds, deranged killers and especially Cannibal Clans (along with Unfortunate Implications).

Don't Go in The Woods (usually in the Deep/Savage South) is the most common flavor, though other locales such as a swamps, deserts, abandoned towns, deserted islands, endless stretches of highway, beneath the bustling city streets, and even snowscapes have seen use.

The Other Wiki refers to this as "Hixploitation".



Live Action TV

  • Parodied on a Saturday Night Live sketch from Season 26, Episode 14. A man is in a car accident, and when he wakes up, asks where he is. He's told, "You're tied to a bed in a shack. We're weird hillbilly cannibals and we're gonna stick things in your butt." After he freaks out, he's told he's actually in a hospital; the hillbilly cannibal thing is "an old hospital joke".
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