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Character sheet for the as-yet unpublished Hidden Heroes

Commander Thomas Doone
Leader of the League's elite Delta Squadron. "Tom Doone" is almost certainly not his real name, but his actual history is known only to himself and his second-in-command Cassandra Wells.

Colonel Cassandra Wells
Tom's first officer, Cassandra rotated out of the squadron to take up a more adminstrative role. She hates it. So, she tends to go with the Deltas on operations as a "facilitator - a facilitator with guns."

Lars "Mouse" Svensen
Chief of unarmed combat instruction, Mouse is usually found manning the crew-served weaponry. He speaks only rarely, but his contributions are usually valuable. Hates being unarmed, and usually has a selection of holdouts. Originally from Stavanger, Norway.

Sierra is the League's chief of flight operations and one of their greatest assets. People are often confused at first meeting, however - she's not a helicopter pilot, she's a helicopter. An artificial intelligence intended to be the first full-size drone helicopter, she gain sentience through... some method. So far, she hasn't gone on a rampage.

Juliet Crowe
Head of technical development and intelligence, Juliet's most noticable feature are her thick, wraparound goggles

  • The Smart Guy - despite being, in fact, a girl.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual - in this case, actually allow her to see. Without the goggles, her hypersensitivity causes even the slightest light source to cause agonising pain. They're more like super sunglasses.
  • Blind Without'Em - because she wraps her head in her arms and whimpers pitifully.
  • The Woobie - her parents, unable to handle her demanding disability, handed her over to a specialised school. It is not a coincidence that one of the Deltas' first missions after she joined was flattening the school with lots and lots of Semtex.
  • Knife Nut - Her goggles restrict her accuracy with firearms beyond about fifty feet, so she has instead focused on hand-to-hand combat and the use of combat knives. She rarely enters a dangerous situation without dozens of knives, which can lead to hilarious Extended Disarming

Kaitya Mikhailovna Pavlichenko
The League's Cold Sniper, Kaitya also suffers badly from Lzherusskie and The Great Politics Mess-Up. Her father was a senior KGB officer, her grandfather a member of the Politburo.

Antonio "Tony" Hernandez
Kaitya's spotter and backup sniper, Tony and Kaitya are Different As Night and Day. He is a Friendly Sniper, except, apparently, on the job, when he goes so cold and professional he even puts the wind up Kaitya.

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