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Hidden Heroes is the tale of the League of Freedom, a private military company, and their elite strike team, Delta Squadron. Lead by the brave and fearless Tom Doone and his second-in command Cassandra Wells, this team of highly-trained misfits and rejects stand as a bulwark against the evils of terrorists, insurgents, pirates and other, less scrupulous mercenary groups.

The League and Delta Squadron in particular swing wildly between Private Military Contractors and out-and-out Hired Guns. Generally, however, they make enough money from "honourable" jobs to be able to turn down the more unpleasant ones. We Help the Helpless was their original goal, adjusted slightly as Reality Ensues.

The stories are set Twenty Minutes Into the Future to accomodate some plot points - the lovely new USS Independence has been launched and so on.

As far as the Deltas are concerned, the rest of the League functions as a kind of Hero Secret Service, providing support and equipment.

Character Sheet available.

Hidden Heroes contains examples of:

  • America Saves the Day - Rarely. Only Colonel Wells is actually American, and the US armed forces often pick up traits of Obstructive Bureaucrat.
  • Author Appeal - Fabrique National weaponry being held by beautiful women. Also intelligent attack helicopters.
  • Big Damn Heroes - Delta Squadron's preferred entry method.
  • Black Helicopter - Sierra probably counts, but she has been known to change her paint job for special occasions.
  • Cold Sniper - Kaitya, who also shows signs of Lzherusskie.
  • Common Ranks - deliberately subverted. When the League was first formed, the main characters picked their favourite-sounding ranks off a chart and built their own organisation's progression around that. That's why a Commander outranks a Colonel.
  • Cool Boat - A fleet thereof. Starting with the Undying (which used to be the Admiralte Cochrane) and continuing with a bunch of stolen/bought/donated fast-attack patrol boats.
  • Cool Car - The Sable Bullets are black Lotus Elises, but the League has access to a whole collection of other vehicles.
  • Cool Guns - The standard Delta Squadron weapon is a Fabrique National P90. There's a move to switch to F2000s.
  • Dynamic Entry - The best kind of entry.
    • Fast Roping makes a frequent appearance as the Deltas deploy from Sierra.
  • Government Agency of Fiction - Different nations' intelligence organisations provide the League with their missions and hand over large amounts of money for completion.
  • Insistent Terminology - It's Delta Squadron. Missing off that last syllable is not a wise decision.
  • Island Base - The good guys reside on a massive floating barge in the North Atlantic. They call it The Island.
  • Mildly Military - Most of the League and all of the Deltas have had at least some regular military training. For some members, the more relaxed atmosphere of the League was the reason for the change.
  • No One Gets Left Behind - despite this driving several characters up the wall, they'll still go back for the idiot that got himself shot.
  • Removing the Earpiece - Cass drops her radio when she decides to head through the Big Bad's lines.
  • Stuff Blowing Up - "The only formula you need for demolitions is P = Plenty."
  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him - Averted when Cass finally breaks through the lines to reach the Big Bad. The Big Bad goes for his gun and she plugs him in the head.

More examples due... later.

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