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The Wild Mass Guesses Hetalians came up with during the event go here.

The person with the mysterious monologues is...

  • parallel!France.
  • Steve.
  • Netherlands.
  • parallel!Canada.
  • The Åland Islands.

Austria wears his corset when...

Having smexy times with:

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Prussia
  • Hungary
  • All of the above.
    • At the same time

Korea wears glasses because he's farsighted

... and needs them when using the computer or reading.

Netherlands is dragging...

  • Santa!Spain
    • Which means Romano is Mrs. Claus
  • Luxembourg

Related: Belgium, Romano and Spain will be elves or reindeer.

Prussia and Canada will crash the event together.

The plot is underwear-related

Someone will crash through the wall in a flying rollercoaster and save Christmas.

  • That, or a boat.

Austria was tired and sat on Germany because...

Himaruya won't get to the plot this year

Because there are too many characters and he'll probably try to get through them all. Instead he'll work on requests.

What if Himapapa is trolling us?

In a different way than usual. In one of the strips, Ladonia ends up flipping Sweden onto the ground and sitting on top of him. Well, Ladonia is an internet nation, and we're all flipping our icons, so maybe it's a reference to all of our spazzing? How else could Ladonia get the strength to flip Sweden like that?

  • Sweden was reading a script, hinting that he was acting. Also, Den was pointed out as an idiot just before he believed that Ladonia had managed to beat Sweden.
  • Interesting idea, that we're somehow having some control over the Hetalia-verse, but if that were true, everyone would be flipped. Oh, idea! What if the plot DOES end up with everyone being flipped over?

Germany's chest measurement

Math was proven to be useful in everyday life when Allu-kun overcame Germany's chronic shyness by utilizing Italy as a ruler to create this equation: 67.7 in. + 4 in. - 16 in. = 55.7 in. (or 171.9 cm. + 10.16 cm. - 40.64 cm. = 141.4) in order to find Germany's Chest Measurement. Spider-smith then took up the quest to find a "real-life" example, but beside coming to the realization that Germany would need to buy all his shirts specially made, the search has not been a fruitful one thus far. This, combined with him becoming Austria's chair when Austria became to tired to walk any farther, and the subsequent 4-koma revealing him to be the most flexible of the Axis, surely qualifies him as this event's Mr.Fansevice.

The plot is one huge HRE=Germany

So far, fans best guesses at the plot are: 1) Underwear, 2) Chibis, and 3) Embarrassing Germany. All three of which are factors in the whole Holy Roman Empire=Germany theory.

  • And now there's actually a strip with teen HRE, and he looks and sounds a lot like Germany! This guees was actually plausable!

_______ France is the one with the Allies.

It just makes so much sense!

America is so clam because...

  • He's planning something big that will drive the plot. The big thing is...
    • A convoluted plot involving mistletoe.

Himaruya is watching the fandom.

After a strip in which Italy opens his eyes:


 Germany: Unexpectedly, we got to see quite suprising things...

Japan: It reached levels where all of America cried.

Italy: That much!!?

Footnote: *All of America: A mysterious group that often randomly starts crying when shocked.

  • "All of America cried" is a clichéd tagline for Japanese release of American (especially Hollywood) movies and a meme on 2channel. There's quite a bit of reference to Japanese memes in this event (France talking about how Christmas should be more bloodthirsty and England replying "what is this, some beef bowl store?" references a meme about Yoshinoya, for example) that gets Lost in Translation. Of course, the word "Hetalia" itself came from 2channel's military board...

Himapapa IS Mathsama

Which means that Himapapa is also a girl. Sense has been made, da?

  • Hima=Mathsama, but Hima=Alpaca. Mathsama=Alpaca?

The Plot Bunny is...

America is in a bunny suit...

...But not the full-body one.

Flying Leaf Bunny is Flying Mint Bunny and Herr Schtick's child.

After over 9 days of HST we started guessing where Hima Papa was. Some of the suggestions are...

  • Disneyland
  • Narnia
  • Hogwarts
    • "Yer a wizard, Hima"
  • Having sexy time with Hussie
  • In Middle Earth, teaching trolls to draw
  • He has been captured by the Rice Cake fairy, who has taken him to Mochi World
  • Crystal Lake
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