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  • Fan Nickname: There are several, but highlights include:
    • Mystery Sock for Isaac
    • Fryingmon for Nathan (based on Hiro's pronunciation of "Mister I-saac" and "Flying Man")
    • Momo, "Moe" (as in the Stooge), or Pretty-But-Stupid for Mohinder and/or Peter.
    • Mohindrance and D'ohhinder, for the many, many times Mohinder steals the Idiot Ball.
    • Rafiki for Usutu, the man Matt meets in the African plains.
    • Pac-Man for Matt (based on Usutu's pronunciation of Parkman).
    • HRG for Mr. Bennet (because of the glasses).
      • This was a canon nickname at least amongst the cast as Coleman referred to his character as such a couple times
    • Senator Bambi for Nathan Petrelli. (It's the eyes.)
    • President Worf or Worfbama for the President, because he's played by Michael Dorn and he's kinda sorta an Expy of Obama
    • Pasbeard for the infamous, butt-ugly Beard of Sorrow sported by Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) in the beginning of Season 2.
    • Nuke, for Luke the microwave boy.
    • Hiro ando Ando (bilingual pun)
    • Sythan for Nathan!Sylar.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Veronica Mars has lightning powers.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Anakin Skywalker as a quarterback who accidentally kills Claire.
  • What Could Have Been: The obvious example is how volume 3 was cut short, with plot threads obvious to be related to the main story ending up going nowhere. A bigger example would be the entire style of the series: The original intent was to have a revolving cast, with most characters not returning in future seasons. What could have been, indeed, if after season 2 we didn't have to deal with most of the extended Petrelli family?
    • Also, the Aborted Arcs caused by the writer's strike, which led to the Seasonal Rot which the series never fully recovered from.
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