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Fridge Brilliance

  • I hated the portrayal of Sylar until about halfway through his big arc in the first season of Heroes, complaining that the character was "inconsistent." Over the midseason break it dawned on me that he was constantly tailoring and retooling his projected personality to suit his environment. --Tabby
    • At the beginning of the third season, when Claire tries to shoot Peter, I never understood why she would try to do that. He can walk through walls, teleport, heal, and do pretty much anything. Then, I realized that they were probably in the same alternate timeline where Peter lost his original ability and gained a new one. So Claire had no idea what power he had, making her attempt a lot more reasonable.
    • The infamously non-sequiturical Story-Boarding the Apocalypse of season 3 was made significantly more sensical from the revelation that the season 4 Big Bad is a Dirt Disher that gets exponentially more powerful the more he surrounds himself with the super powered.
    • Not to mention Sylar's redemption arc in Season 3, or his depiction in it as being reformed in the future and unwilling to kill. Or him and Peter as "brothers." Then, they made it happen for a very different reason in Season 4. Suddenly, "I Am Become Death" doesn't appear to have been such a horrible episode after all.
  • Season 1 of Heroes had the nameless character of "Claude" the invisible man, also known as the nameless Doctor?
    • Actually, his full name was Claude Raines. If you like the Classic Universal Monsters or Rocky Horror Picture Show, you'll know that "Claude Raines was the Invisible Man."
    • You've misunderstood the joke. Naming him Claude was his personal joke, not the show's. Rather than use his real name, he adopted the name of the Invisible Man.
  • In Season 1 we are told by Hiro the story of "Kensei and the Dragon" where the Dragon is a kind of Mentor. In Season 2 we have Hiro taking the role of the Dragon. During this time Kensei keeps referring to him as a Karp, seems like a simple nickname until you find out about a Japanese legend where a Karp that swim up a waterfall can become a Dragon. Something I got after looking around this site.
    • I got the reference the first time around, thanks to Pokémon.

Fridge Horror

  • In Heroes, Adam Monroe had the exact same power as Claire, and he lived for close to 400 years. Claire may also share this fate with him, and only two other men on the planet share her ability; Peter, her uncle, and Sylar, a man that quite literally Mind Raped her, meaning, that unless Claire is willing to take the squicky option, the man she will be spending the rest of her eternity with a man who defines Nightmare Fuel.
    • Not necessarily. Peter isn't immortal unless he borrows her power (he can only use one at a time) and the end of the final episode implied that Sylar is going down the road Angel went after his self-pity phase.
      • And doesn't this kind of assume there's never going to be anyone else with the same power (or the ability to acquire said power) ever, even though two unrelated people managed it in canon (not to mention those like Peter who could mimic it).
    • The unknown fate of Caitlin, Peter's brief love interest from season 2. Last we see, she was left behind in a horrific future where The Virus has decimated humanity. Though Peter later averted this future from happening, we have absolutely no idea where (or when) she is. She could still be there in plague-ravaged Oireland, she could have been blinked out of existence, or as one poster speculated, she could have been riding on the plane to Ireland when the timeline reverted, making the plane disappear. The Powers That Be have said that they're not bringing her back, in favor of totally leaving the Seasonal Rot of the last couple of years behind.
    • Angela Petrelli's sister.
      • How about everyone at the base? The US soldiers basically opening fire on civilians, including women and children, because a child got scared. Now think for a second about American troops slaughtering dozens of innocent kids.
    • Claire heals - which has to mean she will be a virgin every single time she has sex ... ouch.
      • Fridge brilliance - That might explain why she ended up preferring girls...
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