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  • Why can't this trope apply to outside-universe-wise examples as well as in-universe-examples?
    • Because the outside-universe examples are from the Ms. Fanservice trope.
      • Well, yeah, but you see, my main problem is that Fifi La Fume, one of my favorite characters from Tiny Toon Adventures, has been listed as a 'subverted' example and I honestly believe that it's one of the absolute WORST subversions I've ever seen. Heck, I've been trying to lessen that subversion by describing it as only a slight subversion. Now I have to know, if this 'subversion' is bugging me so much, then should I have it removed from the Tiny Toon Adventures page completely?
      • Sorry there is no such thing as a "Slight Subversion".
      • So do you think I should remove the 'subversion' from the page completely?
      • No, you better leave it as it was originally and move on. Character favoritisms shouldn't get in the way of pointing out the examples.
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