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  • I'm a little confused about one point on the Hell Hotel page. How and why is a place that's kept nice and clean a lot of the time just as potentially scary as a place that's disgustingly dirty?
    • I think the relevant point is less that the hotel is 'nice and clean' and more that the hotel is 'too nice and clean'. By nature, a hotel has lots of people coming and going on an almost daily basis -- more so, in fact, than even the best cleaning crew can reasonably have time or energy to clean up after. So, while we might not want a complete mess or even disgustingness to confront us when we stay at a hotel, we more or less expect to find some traces that people have been there before, even if we don't consciously notice them. 100% antiseptic cleanliness, however, tends to suggest either that you're the very first person to stay in that hotel (unlikely, depending on how long it's been around) or that someone has gone to a lot of effort to wipe away any trace of the previous people to have stayed in that hotel, and in that situation you kind of have to wonder why they've gone to so much trouble to make sure that any trace of anyone who has previously stayed there cannot be found. Of course, practically speaking they're just trying to create a pleasant and clean atmosphere for you, but it can still be somewhat creepy. On the flip side of a coin, if a hotel is supposed to be deserted and abandoned, but is still pretty neat and tidy, that's creepy because there's seemingly no one around to keep it maintained and no reason to keep it maintained, yet someone (or thing) is doing so anyway -- and again, you kind of have to ask yourself why...
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