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Gain the power of Flight... through your hair! No doubt Everything's Better with Spinning.

See Heli Critter for animal examples. See also Hair Wings for less spinning, more flapping variation.

Mercury's Wings is a sister trope. Compare Hat of Flight and Prehensile Hair.

Examples of Helicopter Hair include:

Anime & Manga

Films -- Animation

Films -- Live-Action

  • Spy Kids: Gertie Giggles' pigtails can spin in circles, giving her this ability.

Video Games

  • Donkey Kong Country & Donkey Kong 64: Dixie and Tiny Kong can both glide and slow their descent with their ponytails.
  • Rayman: One of the title hero's trademark abilities is to spin his hair like helicopter blades, giving him limited gliding ability (and in some games, genuine flight).


Western Animation

 Edd: (with a look of disbelief on his face) Remind me to ask you how you did that, Ed.

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