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Heathcliff started out as a comic strip series before leaping to the TV screen. He is proclaimed the terror of the neighborhood, and no man, child, milkman, or dog (except for sometimes Spike), would dare cross him.

Tropes associated with Heathcliff:


Heathcliff's girlfriend.

Tropes associated with Sonja:


A musclebound bulldog owned by the local bully, and Heathcliff's favorite target. Thanks to being beaten up so often, he's actually terrified of Heathcliff, but tries to put up a tough front to support his image.

Tropes associated with Spike:

  • Bullying a Dragon: Despite his fear, he still frequently attempted to intimidate or attack Heathcliff. Usually, this backfired.
  • Dogs Are Dumb
  • Not So Harmless: Was fully capable of beating the crap out of Heathcliff if he caught him off-guard, or of beating up any of the other cats he caught, like Hector, Mungo and Wordsworth. If he did this towards the start of an episode, he'd get his by the end, naturally.

The Catillac Cats

Riff Raff

The leader of the junkyard gang, The Catillac Cats (originally "The Cadillac Cats". The spelling was changed to avoid copyright issues with the Cadillac car company). Although he's short, he's just as tough as any other big cat, much like Heathcliff. He often plans schemes to get his hands on food or money. He is rarely successful however. Most of his schemes are just ways to please his girlfriend Cleo.

Tropes associated with Riff Raff:

  • Cats Are Mean
  • Conservation of Competence: Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo either don't know, or don't care to admit that they really do need Riff Raff as their leader. He's the only one in the group that does seem to have brains.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Last-Second Word Swap: From the episode "Cleo Moves In": Riff Raff is setting his place up for Cleo and mumbles to himself: "It would be nice having her here. I wouldn't have to go chasing her down for...intelligent conversation".
  • Miles Gloriosus
  • Mock Millionaire: He does this to impress his mother in "Riff Raff's Mom".
  • The Napoleon: Riff Raff was much shorter than the rest of his gang. Though he took it better than most Napoleons, his gang members often pissed him off.
  • Nice Hat: Riff Raff isn't Riff Raff without that big baseball cap.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Girlfriend: Riff Raff is by no means unappealing, but you'd wonder why someone like Cleo would ever even notice Riff Raff. In fact, in a flashback episode showing when the two first met, Cleo doesn't seem to give him a second thought until her then-boyfriend starts beating him up for no good reason.
  • Zany Scheme


Riff Raff's classy girlfriend, who lives in a music store.

Tropes associated with Cleo:


The defacto leader of the Three Amigos (at least, in his own mind), Hector thinks he's smarter, stronger and braver than he really is. His particular brand of Zany Schemes usually revolve around his own personal gain -- and naturally backfire spectacularly.

Tropes associated with Hector:


The strongest, gentlest and dimmest of the Catillac Cats, Mungo tends to go along with whatever his friends are doing.

Tropes associated with Mungo:


A laidback inventor and amateur poet who usually tries to speak in rhymes. No matter how forced it gets at times.

Tropes associated with Wordsworth:


A junkyard dog who'd like nothing more than to drive those darn cats away once and for all! However, circumstances sometimes force him to team up with them in order to defend their home.

Tropes associated with Leroy:


Another pet at the music store where Cleo lives. Wasn't very fond of Riff Raff and the others.

Tropes associated with Bush:

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