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Superpowers that involve creating explosions. Can overlap with Why Am I Ticking?. See also Action Bomb. Villainous and/or mentally insane users are considered Mad Bombers. For the non-superpower equivalent see Throw Down the Bomblette.
Examples of Having a Blast include:

Anime and Manga

  • Azuma from Fairy Tail, who can blow up ships from a distance with his explosion magic.
  • By the same author of the above manga, Haru of Rave Master wields the Ten Powers, a sword that can take on ten different forms. Haru's favourite is Explosion the, well, explosion sword.
  • Mr. 5 from One Piece has a Devil Fruit power, allowing him to make any part of his body explode at will (without harming himself). Because of how One Piece treats its powers, this means he can even breath into an empty gun chamber to make explosive bullets. His preferred method of attack is flicking his boogers at people.
  • Deidara from Naruto uses Exploding Clay, which combines this trope with Dishing Out Dirt and Art Initiates Life.
    • Later on, we see a fellow member of a group Deidara used to be in, called the Blast Corps, who has the "Explosion Release" Kekkai Genkai.
  • Gensuru the Bomb Devil from Hunter X Hunter has two abilities of this sort: He can create a small explosion with a touch or a bigger explosion (involving bombs conjured from thin air) if he sets things up right beforehand.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee can use alchemy to destabilize the air, which causes large explosions.
  • That kid Maki from Darker Than Black had psi-detonated fingerprints.
  • Cinque's Inherent Skill in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS is the ability to transmute any metals into high-grade explosives on touch. Combine that with her ability to summon any number of steel daggers out of thin air, and you get a Game Breaker character who had to be Put on a Bus until the end of the season immediately after her introduction.
  • Yoshikage Kira from Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure has this as his Stand power: anything that it touches can be made to explode at will. He also has a secondary ability to allows him to launch an autonomous heatseeking bomb from the Stand's main body.
  • Ax Crazy villain Dholaki from Psyren can do this with his "Explosia."
  • Many characters from Dragonball Z.
    • Nappa, who waves two fingers to create spontaneous explosions.
    • Then there are Freeza and Vegeta who can finish someone off by making them explode.
    • Chaotzu and Cell can self-destruct spectacularly, though only the latter can come back.
    • In fact, just about any Ki Attack that isn't piercing, cutting, concussive, or purely destructive will detonate like a standard explosive, including a fiery plume and thick clouds of dark smoke.

Comic Books

  • The Human Bomb, who made his original appearance in Police Comics #1 in August of 1941, is the original super-powered explosion maker. He literally could cause anything he touched to explode... the bigger the object, the bigger the explosion. When Quality comics went out of business, DC Comics purchased the rights to its entire stable of characters, and the Human Bomb became a member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • The "Human Hand-Grenade" from The Authority: Revolution had the power to explode, then reassemble himself.
  • Marvel Mutant Tabitha "Boom-Boom" Smith has this as her superpower. She creates time-delay plasma balls which explode. They can be small or huge.
    • Also in X-Men, War of the Apocalypse horsemen had a power to detonate objects he focused on.
    • Gambit has a power to turn any object he touches into a bomb, as small as a playing card or as big as a car (he used that one when teaming up with Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four).
    • Jubilee, pre-depowering, had this. Usually it was in the form of tiny little fireworks that could blind and deafen others, but in times of stress, she was able to level buildings with them.
  • Both Liberty Lad and El Diablo gain the ability to cause random bits of scenery to explode in Freedom Force.
  • The DC Universe character Plastique can cause explosions in objects she touches with her fingertips.


Live Action TV


  • Rahkshi of Fragmentation do this in Bionicle, as they cause objects to spontaneously burst into fragments.

Video Games


Web Original

  • In the Whateley Universe, it's done in more than one way. Breaker can create a blast centered around himself, with no harm to his body. Tennyo and Bomber can both hurl plasma that will explode on contact.

Western Animation

  • Combustion Man from Avatar: The Last Airbender causes explosions by heating the air.
  • Eustice from Courage the Cowardly Dog, one episode, took some hair growing tonic. The episode dealt with its most dangerous side effect: anything angered the user would violently explode. And it makes the already irritable Eustice that much more prone to anger.
  • On Generator Rex, an EVO (human super-mutated by nanites) had the power to charge objects with so much energy that they would bloat and explode. He later uses this power on himself, in an attempted Suicide Attack .
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