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Fiona Belli

The eighteen-year-old main character of the game. Fiona is an ordinary girl on the way home from college, when a tragic car accident claims the lives of her parents and turns her own life into a nightmare. She awakens, wrapped only in a sheet, alone, and locked in a cage in the depths of an ancient castle. With only fragmented memories of the accident, and having no idea how she even ended up into the castle, Fiona unlocks the cage and sets out to get the hell out of the castle.

Her only ally is a dog named Hewie, who will aid her in her journey.

Fiona is a bearer of Azoth, the mystical essence of life. Everyone except Debilitas wants this for their own reasons, and they're more than willing to kill her for it. The mark on her back isn't a graphical quirk, it's actually a symbol that shows that she has Azoth within her.


An intelligent white German Shepherd Fiona found tied to a tree. Seeming well-cared for, he drives off Debilitas and becomes a valuable companion to Fiona. He is able to detect traps and nearby enemies, sniff out hidden items, and get items Fiona cannot reach. Like any pet, the more Hewie likes Fiona, the faster he'll respond to her call and commands. He is Fiona's main form of attacking and can be praised for doing good things and scolded for being disobedient. This ordinary dog seems to be Fiona's very key to escaping the castle.

Being mean to Hewie will cause him to die and give you the worst ending in the game.

The Chasers/Antagonists/Other


The mentally-stunted gardener of Belli Castle. He mistakes Fiona for a big doll and pursues her, but he harbors no murderous intent, he just wants to play. Problem is that he hugs her too hard.

Fiona can choose to let him live by dropping the chandelier on him during his boss fight, or killing him with Hewie and the stun bombs she finds scattered around the castle. On the second playthrough or beyond and if Fiona spared him on the previous cycle, using the chandelier on Debilitas will make him give you a castle key, which leads to Ending C.


A maid with ethereal beauty, Daniella appears mostly emotionless and harmless to first.

Daniella is a homunculus. Her master, Lorenzo, created her to be the "perfect woman". However, she is unable to feel pain (which explains the blood on her fingers), has no sense of taste, and cannot feel pleasure. With feelings of being incomplete, Daniella is driven to insanity. She screams at her reflection, and wants Fiona's Azoth to be a complete being...even if it means cutting out Fiona's womb while she's still alive. She tends to swing back and forth between doing her duties as a maid, and has an extremely unnerving laugh.


The hooded castle keeper, Riccardo is fully intent on making Fiona "his". He usually acts as Mr. Exposition towards Fiona until...

...he reveals himself to be one of Lorenzo's many "failed" clones to be bearers of Azoth. Technically, he is Fiona's "uncle" and her father's "brother". His goal is to impregnate Fiona, so he can be 'reborn' with Azoth as a means to live forever. He actually succeeds in the worst ending.


An unseen figure who tries to help Fiona as much as he can. But what are his real intentions?

Lorenzo is actually a genius (if mad) alchemist who made an elixir of life to cheat death. He tried to make clones of himself, all of them failing to produce Azoth except Ugo, Fiona's father. Ugo, against Lorenzo's wishes, married a woman named Ayla and left the castle, eventually fathering Fiona. Fate drew the family back towards Belli Castle, and the car accident sets the events of the game in motion. Lorenzo just wants to kill Fiona for her Azoth.

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