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Of course, a lot of the people who wrote those fics figured "Deconstruct" meant "have your Marty Stu come in and shoot everybody while insulting them."


Simply put, Hate Fic is Revenge Fic on a series-wide scale. The author sets out to deliberately attack an entire show, either through simply mocking it and its characters or by the techniques of Deconstruction.

When done poorly, this often takes the form of a badly-done Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which attempts to discredit a show based on unfavorable comparison with another rather than by any serious examination of the target series's actual flaws.

Invariably, this leads to cries of "If you hate the show so much, why bother writing about it?"

Note: It is a Hate Fic only if it covers an entire series. Examples that focus on a single character belong under Revenge Fic.

Examples of Hate Fic include:
  • One of the most famous examples is the EPU fanfic Neon Exodus Evangelion, written in response to Gryphon's disgust for what he felt was the pointless nihilism of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The man receives enough hatemail from enraged fanboys that if it were all paper, the rain forests would be screaming. He considers the fanfic a success.
    • These days, it's generally met with either admiration or derisive laughter.
    • There are even a few fanfics written that are hate fics against hate fics. An example includes Kyrie Eleison, which from the first paragraph states it was written to deconstruct fics like Neon Exodus Evangelion.
  • Chunin Exam and Partially Kissed Hero by Perfect LionHeart (aka Jared "Skysaber" Ornstead) are both this in their core (for Naruto and Harry Potter respectively)... at least when they are not spewing his morality and sense of "justice" and revenge. They tend to abound with Complete Monsters (including the protagonists), Straw Losers, massive power-ups, Plot Holes, long lectures of what sucks from the Canon and why, torturing/mutating the characters into copies of how they "should be" and loads and loads of cynicism. Fans are divided between those who believe the guy is a genius level writer (both fics have over 10,000 reviews) and the rest who believe he is pure evil and a deranged psychopath with very few touches of the actual canon.
  • A fanfiction of the video game Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within had all the characters slaughtered by the characters from Clock Tower 1. The Struggle Within is probably the least popular of the Clock Tower games.
  • In the aftermath of DC Comics' Crisis Crossover, Final Crisis, the internet saw a great torrent of hate fics for it, not to mention the run on Batman that Grant Morrison wrote. The most common criticisms for this is "I do not understand it, therefore I hate and mock it" which is actually a minor theme in the story. People don't seem to realize that this wasn't done by Grant "Justice League and New X-Men" Morrison, but rather was written by Grant "Animal Man and Doom Patrol (or read this multiple times to fully appreciate/understand it), telling a chapter in an epic story that acknowledges all that was written before" Morrison.
  • Twilight gets this treatment a lot, to the point where around half of the fics listed in the recs page are these.
  • The Inheritance Cycle, with The Storm Dragons among the most well-known examples.
  • The ones for Sailor Moon are the stuff of legend, especially Nav's work. Highlights include one where the Senshi have taken over the world with mind control and are all (about 5 dozen of them) killed by Samus Aran, most without even being mentioned by name, and repeated recurrences of Tuxedo Mask being the only one to put up a fight or the Sailors just giving up before the battle even starts because he's not there - despite these almost universally being based on the anime, where he doesn't even get any attacks, and can just throw roses and give speeches.
  • The Doorstop is one directed at another fanfic, The Open Door, which, if you've heard of it, likely know it's a bit... divisive for readers. Iolaus, the author, read it, and decided he could tell the story better - so he did so, flipping the perspective away from New Chaos and to the more heroic factions, as well as numerous other changes. The result is a bit more even-handed than other examples on this page, although some reviews would claim otherwise.
  • Anything written by Sidneylovesdaleks.
  • The Federation from Star Trek, especially after Star Trek: The Next Generation, is frequently portrayed as a semi-communist dystopia, only averting the worst horrors of the stereotype due to their Applied Phlebotinum. The website is famous for advocating and supporting this view, as seen in this essay.
    • This fanfic(?) shows how the Federation could go from TOS to TNG in a disturbingly realistic way.
  • One day, an angry Voltes V fanboy decided to take Voltron and its characters, replace their canon heroic personalities with countless straw attributes, mostly the Demonization kind; get Voltes V and countless other Super Robots plus Space Sheriff Shaider to always hand the Voltron Team's asses to them; repeat the same formula for the next 84 chapters; and the internet got Voltes V Versus Voltron: The Godaikin Wars.
  • Right Behind for Left Behind.
  • A strange case with Brewdening Love and its Expanded Universe. The fanfic in question is a Troll Fic by a Twilight fan who hates Bella. Twilight anti-fans took this fic and wrote fanfic of it, mostly featuring Brugo slash. So we have hate fics of a fanfic that hates on Bella and Jacob. Then, Author Erin Locklear added Revenge Fic chapters that put internet critics into the story and had them killed, so the circle is now complete.
  • A truly bizarre case with My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing, a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic-that-isn't-a-fanfic written by an author who makes no secret of his loathing for the show and its themes.
  • Some person disappointed about Invader Zim's cancelled decided that it was somehow all the fault of the The Fairly Odd Parents and, as a result, created this (dead) fic right here. The real reason[1] was pointed out, but seemed to have been ignored.
  • Although most of Dragon Ball Abridged is an Affectionate Parody, some of the abridged versions of the various movies fall into this, though the results tend to be well-received regardless:
    • Dragon Ball: Episode Of Bardock Abridged completely skewers the original by having the narrator outright state that it only exists for merchandising, having Bardock shown to completely loathe the Saiyan ancestors to the point of going on a violent rampage against them, and has Bardock turn Super Saiyan not because he's upset at Lord Chilled attacking the alien race, but because he's angry at how stupid the plot is. It also ends with the reveal that it was all a story made up by Goku to tell Gohan, which in turn was just something that Gohan was dreaming about.
    • Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged isn't quite as scathing as Episode of Bardock, but it still doesn't hide Team Four Star's complete and utter contempt towards Broly, with Vegeta spending the back-half of the film having a breakdown over how stupid Broly's motivation is, and all the main characters being completely sick of Broly by the end of it, bringing up all of the past movie villains and wishing they could fight them instead.
    • Subverted by The Dead Zone Abridged. Although most of the humor comes from lampshading the heavy amount of Plot Holes in the original, with the movie's ending being a reveal similar to the one in Episode of Bardock (where it was all just a movie being pitched by Krillin to Nappa), TFS have actually praised the movie and gave it a very high ranking on their list of the best DBZ films (#5, ahead of Fusion Reborn and Resurrection ‘F’)
  • Pretty much all Sonichu fanfics are this, the most famous being Asperchu. Most portray the city of CWCville (where the comic takes place) as a totalitarian state with Author Avatar Christian Weston Chandler as its dictator, which actually isn't too far from canon.
  1. It was low ratings, Nightmare Fuel and Executive Meddling that killed Zim, not Timmy Turner, not to mention the fact that Fairly Odd Parents debuted at almost the same time as the show, and the pre-emption could have for any other show