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  • One of the paid advertisements that the New World Order ran on Nitro saw Sting's entrance parodied by having someone cut the wire and having an action figure fall into a toy ring. As the video ended, the Sting doll was placed into a casket. The video aired in late 1997 to build towards the Starrcade main event with Sting and Hulk Hogan. However, this uncomfortably mirrored the Owen Hart tragedy that took place about a year and a half later.
  • One such example deals with Muhammad Hassan's manager Daivari being carried off by several masked men as though he were a suicide bomber after a beatdown on The Undertaker. The footage was taped a few days before 7/7, but it wound up airing on 7/7.
  • At the first One Night Stand, Mike Awesome does a Suicide Dive onto Tanaka, and Joey Styles said "It's a damn shame he didn't really take his own life!" Two years later, Awesome hanged himself.
  • When Chris Benoit and his family were found dead the morning of a scheduled 3-hour episode of RAW, the show was scrapped and replaced with a special episode dedicated to his past wrestling career. It was found out very soon after the episode aired that he had murdered his own family then committed suicide.
    • What makes this so bad is that the WWE tried to avert this, but the very attempt itself caused it to be played straight. Talk about a lose-lose situation...
    • Every shot to the head and every diving headbutt during Benoit's career is harder to watch since brain damage is thought to have contributed to the double murder-suicide.
  • A promo for WrestleMania XIX had a voice-over talking about what wrestlers go through to make their mark on history and become immortals, and when it says "Someday, we will die", it focuses on Eddie Guerrero. It's rather uncomfortable to watch these days, because of his death from a heart attack two years later.
    • During their match at No Way Out 2004, Brock Lesnar tells Eddie to "just die!". It is extremely uncomfortable to hear, to say the least.
    • An issue of RAW Magazine with an open letter from "Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross, about Wrestlemania 21, tells how proud every wrestler should be of the work they accomplished getting to the event. He also advises all of them to enjoy it because "none of us are guaranteed to make it to Wrestlemania 22." Whether he was talking about employment or not, the words sting knowing that this was Eddie Guerrero's final Wrestlemania.
  • Just like Madden NFL has its Madden Curse, WWE has its Undertaker curse, where, in the Smackdown VS. RAW series, the wrestler feuding with The Undertaker ends up dying in real life. It first happened with Eddie Guerrero in Smackdown VS RAW 2006, in which he gets chokeslammed into a coffin. Guerrero died 2 days later. It got worse in the following year in a feud with Chris Benoit. The creepiest part? Undertaker says to him "While your family mourns over your dead carcass, your family will have no one to blame but you". Brrrr.
  • The in-ring segment where Kharma breaks down in front of the Divas and then announces her pregnancy next week looks even more disturbing now with the news that she suffered a miscarriage.
  • A strictly kayfabe example on both ends. R-Truth pouring the contents of a trash can CM Punk had filled with cigarettes, whiskey and prescription medication in protest of these things over Punk's head on November 20, 2009 suddenly looks less humorous when analyzing Punk's WWE career following the revelations given in his early 2012 feud with Chris Jericho.
  • The day before his death on the RAW after Wrestlemania XXX, Ultimate Warrior spoke to the audience on how his spirit would live forever.
    • In fact, back in 1991, he was locked up in a casket by The Undertaker. You can even hear Roddy Piper yelling at the crew to get the Warrior out of the casket.
  • CM Punk's infamous "Pipebomb" promo is arguably even more important considering that, 9 years later, WWE is starting to fall apart due to declining ratings, bad booking decisions, highly-talented stars being reduced to Jobbers and unhappy talents asking for their releases and choosing to venture to rival promotions such as AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It's made even clear during said promo that as long as Vince McMahon runs the company, things will go downhill for WWE for the following years to come.
    • On a similar note, Samoa Joe's infamous shoot promo at Turning Point 2007 was vindicated after Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived in TNA and proceeded to depush all of the company's homegrown talent in favor of ex-WWE/WCW has-beens such as the Nasty Boys, Val Venis and Orlando Jordan.
  • Booker T's promo in WCW's Spring Stampede 1997 on Hulk Hogan and infamously used the N-Word on Hogan is made even more cringeworthy 18 years later when Hogan even said the word through a leaked sex tape. Even Booker said in his podcast that the promo was the worst thing that happened in his life.
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